In its latest effort to brew more news at home on its site, Facebook is giving verified public and some other notable figures broadcasting and discussion tools that they can direct at their followers instead of just their flock of friends.

Facebook has expanded the Mentions app on iOS, which was previously only available to verified pages. Now they're available to verified people, or individuals who have given Facebook copies of their IDs to earn those little check mark badges on their profiles.

Facebook Mentions is "a better way for actors, athletes, journalists and other public figures to stay in touch with their followers and the people and topics they care about," Facebook said.

The Mentions app and its Live streaming component will give journalists and other public figures the ability to broadcast live and on location. This is Facebook's answer to Twitter's Periscope, except the rival service allows anyone to broadcast live streams.

Similar to Reddit's popular AMAs (Ask Me Anything), the Mentions app gives users the ability to set up Q&A sessions with their friends and followers.

Verified users can also see what people are saying about them or they can browse whatever topics are hot on Facebook at the time. The Mentions app will also give public figures the ability to communicate with followers.

"Whether you're sharing text, links, photos or something else, Mentions lets you choose the audience you want to share with," said Facebook. "For example, you can share a post so only your followers see it in News Feed."

Facebook is still only offering profile verification to global businesses, celebrities, public figures and members of the media. To apply for your verification badge, fill out this form.

For verified users who don't use iOS, Facebook also mentioned bringing the app to Android "soon."

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