Everybody in Hollywood wants to get in on that sweet Star Wars action. One well-known actor did just that, except you won't recognize him in his Stormtrooper outfit, though if you try really hard, you might recognize his voice.

Spoilers ahead!

Turn back now if you don't want spoilers on a major scene from the movie.

Last chance.

Well into the film, Rey finds herself held prisoner by the First Order, restrained in an upright position so that the evil Kylo Ren can more easily interrogate her. Rey, however, discovers she can wield the power of the Force and quickly tries out her newfound powers on the Stormtrooper guarding her cell. Though it takes a few tries, she eventually uses a Jedi mind trick to convince the trooper to release her, open the door and drop his weapon. The Stormtrooper does just that before walking off.

That Stormtrooper (who who is almost surely going to be severely punished for his failure) is none other than Daniel Craig, James Bond 007 himself. Entertainment Weekly has confirmed the cameo, after months of rumors about his appearance appeared to be false.

It's a clever and completely easy-to-miss cameo, as Craig's voice is distorted by the mask and we can't see his face. It's the perfect way to sneak into the movie, which explains why it has been kept secret up until this point. How many other famous actors are in The Force Awakens, hiding under Stormtrooper armor or alien makeup? Perhaps we'll learn more soon.

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