We've not heard much of the Samsung Galaxy S7, but we do know that it is coming in 2016 and will likely be announced at a Samsung event or at Mobile World Congress. However, for those who are not keen on waiting for the announcement, we've come across a concept art that might get you excited.

The concept in question comes from Martin Hajek/Computerbild.de, and it looks very good. Still, bear in mind that despite the sleekness of the concept, there's a good chance the Galaxy S7 will not look this awesome. In fact, we can remember a time when official to market designs looks better than concept designs.

Everything was shown off in a cool looking video that is a dead ringer for a smartphone advertisement on the Web. The only thing it was missing was someone looking like a Genius Bar employee talking in the background about all the features.

The biggest selling point with this concept smartphone is the removable battery. This is something Samsung has abandoned with its latest flagship smartphones. We doubt the Galaxy S7 will venture down that path again, but this concept still gave us a shimmer of hope.

The concept also demoed a dual camera setup at the back. It is designed for VR use and post focus. While that's a great addition, we doubt the original device will have such a camera because it would increase the selling price by a great margin, arguably.

We also like the fact that the concept design comes with a fingerprint scanner and biometric scanner. However, the placement of the biometric scanner is probably not the spot Samsung would add it, and the same can be said for the fingerprint scanner.

We wouldn't mind if Samsung could mimic this design and bring into the real world. However, the expense could end up being out of this world, so honestly, folks should just expect a black slab of a phone with increased performance.

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