In the most Saturday Night Live (SNL) way, cast members Pete Davidson and Kyle Mooney starred in a commercial parody of this year's hottest gadget, the hoverboard on Dec. 19.

This December saw a rise in the number of incidents of the hoverboards literally catching fire, so this year's preferred Christmas present and showstopper faced safety concerns and prompted many United Kingdom stores and e-commerce firm, Amazon, to pull the device off the shelves. The U.S. authorities have also began to investigate the matter.

Of course, SNL dealt with this issue in a hilarious and cautionary kind of way.

Hoverboards are AWESOME. Except for one thing.  #SNL

- Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) December 20, 2015

The two-minute long parody begins with several people using the gadget normally in a basketball court and presents Pete Davidson and Kyle Mooney as teenage hoverboard enthusiasts. The parody then focuses on showing the different ways that the gadget can explode, to which Davidson and Mooney react "Sick!" in a most 90s way.

The commercial voiceover explains how the board can explode whether it's plugged in, while someone is riding it or simply sitting there. However, since the device can no longer be used on streets and sidewalks, the voiceover suggests buyers to ride them around the house and, at one point, shows an elderly man riding the board indoors while he is on fire. The parody continues by stating that the device has a '90s cell phone battery tasked with running a motor designed for a small car, and that the gadget may occasionally go from zero to 80 in four seconds.

Amusingly, the ad states the very real fact that the item they are so eagerly 'promoting' can no longer be bought at Radioshack, Walmart, and Target.

Watch the humorous ad below.

SNL's comedic performances never fail to entertain audiences, especially when it comes to their parodies from a music video of Hotline Bling with "dad dancing" to a commercial parody of "Star Wars Toys" with both children who play with the toys and collecting adults who keep them in the box to look at. But what better way to end the year with a bang than to poke fun at this year's most coveted gadget in a way that can also be used as a warning to those who ignore the possible risks of using a hoverboard.

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