In the globalized world, foreign languages grow from becoming an optional tool to an essential business asset, and Word Fireworks is a mobile game to help you succeed.

Those of us who grew up on alphabets based on roman characters may find Asian languages daunting, due to ideograms and various intonations. Word Fireworks, however, takes the quest of learning a new language and makes it a fun, rewarding, albeit challenging experience.

The video below showcases the way in which the mobile game functions. Basically, it assists you in identifying common words and tells you how to properly speak them out. For difficult or special characters, there's a simulator that urges you to draw them yourself.

The words and characters appear on your device in form of fireworks, and you can create a whole fireworks show by continuously spelling or speaking them. To visually acknowledge your progress, you even unlock more fireworks.

There are four languages in the current version of the game: Chinese/Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and Hebrew. With each of them, the game focuses on different aspects. During Mandarin lessons you will learn to use the right tones, whereas during the Korean lessons you must focus on the combination of hangul.

You will get a thorough and pleasant journey through hiragana, katakana and kanji in the Japanese lessons and during the Hebrew lessons you will familiarize yourself with reading printed and characters written by hand.

It should be noted that, at the end of the lessons (which you may call chapters or separate games if you like), you will still be far from debating Confucius with native Chinese scholars. However, you will be knowledgeable enough to understand common words and characters, and even correctly use common phrases.

The fun and engaging way in which the lessons display on screen make it a neat learning-entertainment tool. To unlock all languages you must shell out $8 in total, or $2 per language if you know one or more of them.

The app is ready for everyone to enjoy, and can be found on Google Play, Apple Store or Amazon App Store. You might want to check out the app's main page to select your preferred download link.

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