The Samsung Galaxy S7 is already one of the most hotly-anticipated devices of 2016 and China Mobile now spilled the beans regarding its launch and price.

Although the Galaxy S7 launch is still several months away, anticipation is building up and more details hit the surface, boosting excitement. Amid a slew of rumors regarding various specs allegedly gracing the powerhouse, some reports also hinted at the release date, albeit not all of them pointed at the same timeframe.

Some rumors claimed that Samsung planned to launch its Galaxy S7 as soon as January or February 2016, others said the smartphone would arrive in April 2016, and the latest leak from China Mobile now reveals a March 2016 release for the device.

The March timeframe from China Mobile falls in line with more recent reports, adding more weight to the claim. China Mobile slipped the info during an end-of-the-year event, during which it detailed its plans for the first six months of 2016.

Cheng Guuifeng gui, chief engineer at China Telecom Guangzhou Research Institute, posted several images on Weibo, illustrating the carrier's roadmap for the following months. This roadmap mentions several devices and lists their estimated price range. The Samsung Galaxy S7 sparked the most interest, but the Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 and the Huawei P9 also made an appearance.

The fourth (and last) image from that Weibo post lists the Galaxy S7 in the third column from the left and notes its launch timeframe as March 2016. The image doesn't reveal the exact price of the next-generation Galaxy S7, but places the handset in the top-tier price range (first row), i.e. above 3,000 Yuan. This means more than $463 based on current currency conversion rates.

The carrier revealed no details regarding the Galaxy S7 specs or features, but previous reports tried to paint a picture of what to expect. Samsung's next flagship smartphone will reportedly rock the Snapdragon 820 exclusively until April 2016, boast a sturdy and stylish magnesium alloy chassis, 3D Touch-like functionality, a refined TouchWix user interface, a high-end dual-camera setup, and more.

A March 2016 Galaxy S7 release currently sounds like the most plausible of all speculated variants, but it remains to be seen. Until an official announcement, take all leaks and rumors with a grain of salt.

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