Ever find yourself jamming along to a song ... but not quite knowing the lyrics to the track?

Hey, it happens. But not for much longer ... at least for those who have the Genius app for Android devices. An update of the app, as announced Tuesday, allows users to follow along with the lyrics of songs they're playing.

The best part about this updated feature is it doesn't matter whether users are playing tracks from Apple Music, Google Play Music, or Spotify. Whatever the streaming platform, the Genius app will offer up matching song lyrics to follow.

Although there are bound to be obscure selections that Genius doesn't have you covered for, it's safe to say that any popular records will be spoken for with lyrics to follow along to, thanks to this updated feature.

It's as simple as selecting a song and reading the lyrics as you're listening.

Genius app Android users could take the lyrics matching feature a step further by getting the facts behind the tracks with Genius's signature annotation, helping to empower listeners with the meaning to songs line-by-line.

With the updated Genius app, Android users can also delete their search histories if they'd like to do so, now directly from their settings or by simply swiping them away.

The app's update has also tweaked artist pages, so their current hot single sits at the top of their list with their full catalogue underneath.

So, if you search Adele, you're going to see "Hello" as the first track under her name ... probably for a while.

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