Photographers were treated to a variety of models across several brands in 2015, as great options for DSLR cameras with advancing technology and improved features continue to grow in number.

As 2015 draws to a close, we take a look back at some of the best DSLR cameras that were available to photographers over the year.

Canon EOS 5DS - $3,399 at the Canon Online Store

The Canon EOS 5DS features 50.6 million effective pixels, making it by far the highest resolution full-frame DSLR camera available in the market. The camera also has another version named the 5DSR, which is basically the same as the 5DS, but with an anti-aliasing cancellation filter placed over the camera's sensor for additional detail.

The camera features superb image quality, a good dynamic range and well controlled noise, but does not have an ultra HD video recording nor a way to connect to Wi-Fi. These are small things to give up for the 5DS though, as lab tests place it out-resolving all other full-frame cameras out in the market today.

Fujifilm X-T10 - $699 at Amazon

The Fujifilm X-T10 appeals to enthusiasts through its retro designs and hands-on controls, which are a characteristic of Fujifilm's cameras in the X-series. While the camera does not have weather-proofing or a metal body, it still features the dials and switches that the series is known for, with a great ergonomic design and an efficient laid out control system.

The image quality for still pictures is amazing, but the camera lacks in video and raw speed. However, at its price, it is a great bargain, as it can take pictures just like DSLRs at twice the price.

Nikon D5100 - $699 at Walmart

The Nikon D5100 features excellent picture quality with a good noise profile. The DSLR also features a streamlined shooting design with a broad and practical set of features, but it does not particularly excel at any one aspect.

However, the camera is a budget-friendly and well-rounded device, and among the choices at its price point, the Nikon D5100 is a great option. The camera's combination of image quality, features, performance and design makes it worth the purchase at below $1,000.

Sony Alpha 77 II - $848 at B&H

The Sony Alpha 77 II is among the company's Alpha DSLTs, or digital single lens translucents, which handle and look like regular DSLRs, but utilize a fixed mirror and an electronic viewfinder. This makes the device's phase detection autofocus system available at all times, and the Sony Alpha 77 II adds super-fast autofocus, a continuous shooting capability of 12 frames per second and a swiveling screen.

Nikon D810 - $2,797 at B&H

The Nikon D810 was at the top of the market before the Canon EOS 5DS took its throne, but it is still a very capable DSLR nonetheless. The camera has a sturdy structure and handles well, and it is actually cheap compared to other professional-level cameras.

The value for money presented by the Nikon D810, with its stunning image quality, makes it a steal at its price point.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II - $1,399 at the Canon Online Store

The Canon EOS 7D Mark II is capable of shooting at 10 frames per second with a professional autofocus system, but it is priced for amateur photographers. Users will be able to take pictures as fast as professional DSLRs with the Canon EOS 7D Mark II, which would be ideal for sports and action photos.

The DSLR is not only about speed though, as the Canon EOS 7D Mark II is a great all-around camera with decent video recording capabilities, a dual-pixel hybrid autofocus system and an alloy body with weather-sealed controls.

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