Fiat Chrysler Automobiles says it is going to recall 570,000 SUVs for fire risks.

Specifically, the recall is associated with troubles with the vehicles' mirror wiring along with the low-pressure hose.

The automaker is recalling 477,000 2011 through 2012 models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango SUVs.

The recall is a result of the investigation the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) initiated back in May to find out if cars serviced in a previous related recall were at risk of catching fire.

The Italian-American automaker admitted that an overheating problem was documented in 0.02 percent of cars serviced in a prior recall.

The company said that if the recall procedure was not followed accurately, this will possibly lead to short circuit, which could then cause fire.

Dealers will secure the wiring located at the overhead lining of the cars using an adhesive.

The automaker is also issuing a recall to 93,000 2015 Jeep Compass and Patriot SUVs. The main goals of the automaker are to check out and in a few cases, replace a clamp securing a low-pressure return hose which could not be positioned properly.

When the clamp is not installed properly, there is a big chance it could lead to a speedy loss of power steering fluid. Apart from possibly having steering problem, it could also result to a fire when the leaked fluid will get in contact with a hot surface.

Coverage Of The Recall

These recalls involved 413,000 cars in the U.S., 32,000 in Canada, 16,000 in Mexico and 108,000 outside of North America.

On the bright side, the automaker has not yet documented any injuries or crashes linked to these recalls.

In November, Fiat Chrysler also recalled 275,614 2012-2015 Dodge Journey cross-utility vehicles in the United States to reinstate some parts of the vehicle's anti-lock brake system.

The automaker explained that when electrical noise overwhelms an electronic control module, the airbags may deploy even if the car did not crash.

The vehicles involved in the recall include 48,212 outside the NAFTA region, 13,411 cars in Canada and 6,277 in Mexico with an aim to repair the defective airbags.

Fiat Chrysler also recalled 78,148 in Canada, 36,471 autos in Mexico and 151,476 in non-NAFTA markets to fix the problem with the ABS.

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