Honda has announced on Thursday, Oct. 29, it is recalling over 300,000 2008-9 Accords due to a glitch in the side airbags which may deploy even the vehicle did not crash. On Friday, Oct. 30, Fiat Chrysler has likewise issued its most recent recall for its 284,089 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2003 Jeep Liberty models.

Furthermore, the automaker said it is recalling 275,614 2012-2015 Dodge Journey cross-utility vehicles in the U.S. to replace a few parts of the car's anti-lock brake system.

Honda Cars Recall

Honda explained if the affected door was strongly slammed while the ignition was on, it is likely that the side airbags may deploy.

The automaker said this problem is due to the incorrectly calibrated sensor. The defect can be fixed, nonetheless, via a software update.

The recall covers around 10,600 cars in Mexico and 20,000 in Canada.

The defect affects the air curtains in the side of the seat (which is designed to protect the torso) and the ones that can be spotted in the roof above the side windows (which protect the head).

Last year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) started investigating the issue upon receiving reports from car owners.

A few owners even complained Honda allegedly declined to pay for repairs after their airbags deployed.

Chris Martin, Honda's spokesperson, though, said owners were repaid under the extended warranty.

Honda admitted it is mindful of the 19 minor injuries associated with the airbags problem.

Fiat Chrysler Cars Recall

In the meantime, Eric Mayne, Fiat Chrysler's spokesperson, admitted it is also mindful of the seven injuries recorded.

The automaker explained the airbags could deploy without the car being in a crash when electrical noise overwhelms an electronic control module.

The automaker said it is recalling around 13,411 cars in Canada, 48,212 outside the NAFTA region, and 6,277 in Mexico to repair the faulty airbags.

Meanwhile, Fiat Chrysler also said it is recalling around 36,471 autos in Mexico, 78,148 in Canada and 151,476 in non-NAFTA markets to repair the ABS problem.

In September, we delved on a report that the Italian-American automaker recalled over 1.7 million trucks in three separate recalls to repair problems with the malfunctioned airbags and welds in the steering system.

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