This past summer, reports first surfaced about the updated Google Glass Enterprise Edition, touting improved internal specs, being on the way.

Well, months later and it's here, as the first look at the updated version of the Glass is making its rounds on the Internet, including 9 to 5 Google.

The Enterprise Edition of the Google Glass offers a slightly different look from the tech giant's original eye hardware, but it's now able to fold as part of the design. In fact, the updated frames are built around a button-and-hinge system.

As previously reported, the Enterprise Edition includes updated features including an Intel Atom processor, bolstered battery life and wireless connectivity. It also includes a 5GHz Wi-Fi band for video-streaming applications, as reported by 9 to 5 Google. The same website also promises a Google-branded external battery pack, which reportedly sticks to the Glass magnetically.

More than anything, the updated Glass has been made with the idea of durable use in the workplace. Other added features include the power button being moved to the back of the device from the inside, where it previously was placed, and the entire device being waterproof — again to meet challenges it may face in the workplace. Patent filings through the FCC seem to back up the 9 to 5 Google's reporting about the Glass's Enterprise Edition.

The website additionally reports through a source that the Glass has been in use by "hundreds" of people working in various Glass for Work startups and that's where its initial distribution will go through as well.

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