Since the debut of the film's first poster, it has been clear that Godzilla Resurgence isn't looking to be a typical Godzilla film. For years, the character has been a kaiju-sized superhero, battling evil monsters and protecting Earth, sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident.

This terrifying new look for Godzilla in his new upcoming film indicates a huge tonal shift for the franchise that fans haven't seen since the 1954 original, and new leaked set photos revealing the full Godzilla suit drive home the point.

The Godzilla in Godzilla Resurgence looks almost undead, with skeletal hands, disjointed teeth and what can best be described as radiation burns all across his body. Rather than the blackish/gray or green look used in previous Godzilla films for the iconic monster, this new Godzilla suit is red and black in appearance. Perhaps he is regenerating from a nuclear attack?

Directors Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi have promised to bring Godzilla back to his horror roots as a creature birthed from mankind's use of nuclear weapons, and this time around, Godzilla's appearance perfectly matches that idea. The creature looks like a burn victim, heavily disfigured and likely very pissed off at mankind. 

It all seems to point toward Godzilla being the only monster to appear in this new film, with the U.S. and Japan united to attempt to defeat the rampaging beast. However, one insider indicates that this may not be Godzilla's only form in the film. You can check out all the new images of the monster below.

Godzilla Resurgence, or Shin Gojira, as it is known in Japan, is scheduled to release on July 29, 2016 for Japanese audiences. No word yet on an American theatrical release, but given that the film has an English title, there is certainly a good possibility it will come stateside.

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