Two days out from the kickoff of CES, smartlocks are already looking to be one of the year’s biggest trends. In fact, if the temporary denizens of the Las Vegas Convention Center have their way, you’ll never need another lousy dumb lock ever again.

The second generation Kevo lock features a slew of tweaks, including a new user experience that makes the system a heck of a lot easier to set up out of the box that removes user-initiated calibration from the process. The lock itself has also been redesigned to be sleeker and more compact.

Along with some additional security upgrades, the Kevo’s new platform also helps the lock system tap into your ever-growing smart home ecosystem, doing things like triggering home heating through a Nest thermostat when the system is locked or unlocked. Users can also lock and unlock the system via an Android Wear device.

The Kevo second gen is due out later this later from select retailers.

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