All right, mice and USB dongles are one thing, but let's talk tablets for a minute. Of all the big Lenovo announcements already unveiled two days ahead of the official kick off of CES 2016, this one's the coolest.

While every manufacturer scrambles to crack the convertible code, Lenovo has once again offered an extremely enticing bit of out-of-the-box thinking with the X1 Tablet. That straightforward name is deceptively simple, giving the impressive array of tricks the device has up its sleeve.

The key to the 12-inch tablet is modularity. Where the Yoga series contorts itself into new configurations, the X1 is all about add-ons, modules that pop on and off adding basic functionality like extended battery or additional USB ports, to fancier tricks like a projector (Lenovo loves its projectors, after all) and a 3D scanner.

What's more, the modules snap on seamlessly. The company had a few different configurations out at tonight's CES Unveiled event, and each looked like a different machine. The X1 starts at $899, and, naturally, the more modules you add on, the more you end up paying.

I have to say, it's an impressive showing from the company, built upon a solid hardware core. The X1 isn't destined to be as universal a tablet as the iPad or, likely, even the Surface, but it's yet another compelling take on a well-trod space from the company.

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