So you've got the hit toy of the 2015 holiday season, with a little help from what's soon to be the highest grossing film of all-time. How do you ride that wave of success into the new year? Simple. You accessorize.

For the good folks at Sphero, that means the extremely cool force wearable, a gesture-based device that sits on the wrist, allowing the users to control The Force's Awakens' most lovable new droid with some well-placed waves of the arm.

You use the force.

We got a quick demo of the new accessory at an event ahead of CES. The whole thing's still in prototype mode, and the room was admittedly crowded, so the demo was mostly limited to moving that adorable little head of his around with a few waves of the hand. Still, compelling and potentially extremely fun, none the less.

This being a prototype, the design has yet to be finalized. As it, it looks a bit like a watch, with the logo of the rebellion in the place of the face. The design on the upgrade of BB-8 is a bit more final, however, featuring some battle damage graphic from all those hours spent rolling around on Jakku.

The wristband will come bundled with BB-8 or as a standalone (because you probably already own the thing). Price has yet to be announced.

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