Zepp's wearable tech sensors with accompanying smartphone apps have been available to coaches and athletes in sports such as baseball, golf, tennis and softball for quite some time now.

Well, the company might have figured out a way to up the ante for the New Year. During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 Unveiled event Monday afternoon at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Zepp's director of sales, Bill Longacre, told Tech Times it's already "in the works" for the company to embed its sensors directly into equipment like baseball bats, tennis rackets and more.

While he didn't put an exact impact date on it, Longacre added that fans of Zepp's products will be introduced to their embedded-sensor sports equipment this year.

If you think about it, the announcement just marks the evolution of what Zepp is doing. Currently, it has users wear a sensor device "no bigger than a Dove chocolate," as Longacre says, helping to track and analyze their swing, whether in baseball, softball, golf or tennis.

So, along those lines, Zepp thought why not skip a step and integrate the sensors right into the bat, racket or maybe even ball.

Longacre also revealed that a wearable tech/app for soccer is in the works. He even had a cricket bat, which he said could get the embedded-sensor treatment, as part of his display of prototypes in Zepp's booth at CES.

Down the line further than that, Longacre didn't rule out the possibility of Zepp integrating virtual reality technology with its sensors, tracking and analysis.

Until then, infusing the sensors into the sports equipment will do just fine, though.

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