We've long wondered what Ben Affleck would look like as Batman when he's in the Bat suit, and it didn't take very long before Zack Snyder gave to the world the first image of what appears to be a sad looking Batman. Now we get to see Affleck as Bruce Wayne, and he looks just as we expected him to look.

The first look of Affleck as Bruce Wayne came to be after some eager fans took an image and video of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set in Detroit. The scene shows Affleck in his Bruce Wayne persona in-front of Wayne Financial in Metropolis. The building appears to be on fire, and it seems as if rescue parties are attempting to get the children to safety.

The person who's recording the video claims that Zack Snyder is on set, and he's dressed in black, but we didn't see him.

Something to note about Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne. He has a slick looking black hair with a slight touch of grey; this is similar to the Bruce Wayne in the third movie of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. The grey hair is probably because Bruce is either in his mid-40s or early 50s, which means the rumors of Batman being in the game for a long time might just be true.

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne is something we've seen several times before. Just imagine Affleck in an expensive suit, or search the Internet for Affleck in an expensive suit to see him as Bruce Wayne. So yeah, this official image of his as Bruce is not surprising at all.

What's the cause of the fire at Wayne Financial? We can't say for sure. Chances are, it's just some random accident or maybe Lex Luthor sent one of his goons to send Bruce Wayne a message. Who knows, maybe Bruce is just crazy enough to pull this off himself, probably to get the attention of Superman for the purpose of seeing what he's capable of.

Then again, the utter destruction of Metropolis in Man of Steel should be enough to give Bruce an idea of what Superman is capable of doing.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled for release in the year 2017.

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