We've seen Gal Gadot in the Wonder Woman costume, and while we liked the costume itself, the same cannot be said for Gadot in the costume. However, it appears she is still working out to get more meat on those bones after she shared an Instagram photo of herself working out with Mark Twight.

For those wondering who Mark Twight is, well, he's the man who got Henry Cavill into shape to act as Superman, and so far, he has done a fairly decent job with Gadot, but there are more roads to climb yet. Maybe after a few months Gal Gadot will be in Wonder Woman shape, and we won't have to complain like little teen girls anymore.

While Gadot was busy adding images to Instagram of her workout routine, Jason Momoa appears to have done the same thing from the same spot. In the image, Gadot can be seen doing some routing rock climbing, and in the image Momoa posted on Instagram on the same day as Gadot, he's also doing rock climbing. Coincidence? Surely not.

Jason Momoa is rumored to play Aquaman in the upcoming Batman v Superman flick, though Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. did not confirm this to be true. Still, the Hollywood Reporter and Variety, two trusted sources in the movie business, reported that he is indeed Aquaman, so it makes it pretty difficult not to believe.

He also appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show, and from the way he answered the question on whether or not he'll be playing Aquaman, well, let's just say he didn't say no, and he didn't say yes. However, to us it appears he was leaning very close to confirming than outright saying he's not a part of the film.

All these rumors, images and videos popping up on the vine, it is clear from our point of view that Jason Momoa is definitely taking up the trident as the King of Atlantis. We didn't see him or Ray Fisher (Victor Stone, A.K.A Cyborg) at San Diego Comic-Con because these characters will likely only have a small role in the film. Afterall, Batman v Superman is all about the Holy Trinity finally coming together on-screen for the first time in history.

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