These days, drivers are very distracted due to texting and doing all manner of things on their mobile devices. This is a huge problem, but it things might not be like this for very long, as a device called Navdy could be the device we deserve, but not the one we need right now.

To put plainly, Navdy appears to be the Google Glass of the car, as the device is capable of projecting content on the dashboard of the user's car. Contents like messages, calls, maps, apps, and other features can be projected on the dashboard or on the windscreen. This means, drivers will not have to completely take their eyes off the road to read a message or to check the map.

We envision that Navdy could pose a problem for Google, as it appears as a far better option to Glass when around the steering wheel. With Glass, users are required to look slightly up to view maps or messages, a move that removes vision from the road ahead.

Navdy doesn't have that problem since the projected display is shown on the car windscreen itself.

When it comes down to the technology inside the device, Navdy says it is running a customized version of Android 4.4 with a built in 8GB of storage. Furthermore, Navdy says the device has the ability grab data from the car's onboard diagnostic port. This should allow the device to project the current speed the car is traveling at, tire pressure, fuel information among other things.

Bear in mind that only cars built after 1996 will be able to run these data information to the Navdy device.

When it comes down to projecting messages are incoming calls, the device is required to be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. In addition, users can answer calls by just waving a finger in front of the device, which is pretty cool.

Voice control is onboard as well for the folks who love to talk to their toys.

At launch, Navdy plans to provide turn-by-turn navigation via Google Maps, and music streaming via iTunes, Google Play Music, Pandora, and Spotify.

For those who are interested in giving this device a test drive, the pre-order price is $299, and the retail price is $499. Launch won't commence until early 2015; a specific date was not given.

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