Here's Samsung's TabPro S, the company's shot at the emerging business tablet space currently ruled by the likes of the Microsoft Surface and iPad Pro.

Like Apple's entry, the new Galaxy tablet feels a bit like a super-sized version of the company's existing line with souped up specs and a keyboard component, which most manufacturers seem to believe is the key to truly integrating the consumer tablet space into a business setting.

I have to say, the TabPro S is a pretty solid piece of hardware. No major surprises there, of course. At the center of the tablet is a sharp 2,160 x 1,440 Super AMOLED display, running Windows 10, naturally. There are a pair of front-facing cameras up top and no physical button below - just a Samsung logo. I'm surprised Samsung didn't add a fingerprint reader to the thing like Huawei did with their new slate.

The tablet ships with a keyboard stand (take that, Apple). The keys are, not surprisingly, a bit on the soft side, but are fairly easy to get used to after a bit of typing.

Inside is a 2.2GHz dual-core process, not the fastest around, but it certainly seems to do the trick. There's also a health 4GB of RAM and an impressive 128- or 256GB of storage, making the tablet a slightly more realistic laptop - if not replacement, then certainly supplement. No pricing yet, but the tablet is set to ship next month.

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