Hands-On With The Mercedes-Benz New 'Me' App, Allowing Owners To Control Car Features From Their Smartphones


When Mercedes-Benz first launched Me last August, it simply lived within the company's website.

Well, the covenience of having all drivers' needs in one place spoke to Benz owners to the point where the automaker will be turning Mercedes Me into a standalone app.

The Me app is expected to launch during the third quarter of this year on Android and iOS platforms, Me's product specialist, Derek Johnson, told Tech Times in the company's booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center, as part of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 on Wednesday.

Mercedes Me puts everything from connectivity features to financing (auto pay, paperless billing and price quotes), the owner's manual and dealership service appointments at owners' fingers via one smartphone app.

The best part of Me going from a channel on Mercedes' website to a standalone app is it essentially puts some dashboard features right onto your smartphone, enabling owners to remotely unlock/lock their vehicles to remote starting them and even pre-setting the temperatures within the cabins.

Johnson told Tech Times that Me will also have the extended add-on option of adopting the automaker's Concierge subscription service, which allows owners everything from live-operator turn-by-turn navigation to even reminding you of an appointment for dinner, birthdays and anniversaries.

Over time, the Me app also figures to add additional ways of seamless integration for further connectivity.

Interestingly enough, Me wasn't the only app that Mercedes was showing off within its booth Wednesday. Within a plush C63 coupe, Tech Times also had a hands-on experience with the updated Mercedes-Benz Companion smartphone door-to-door navigation app, which now touts Top 3 destination suggestions via Mercedes' machine-learning algorithms.

So, let's say every morning, you leave your home at 8:00 a.m. to go to work and stop off at a Starbucks for some coffee. Well, the app's machine-learning capabilities would learn your routine and suggest those two destinations within the Top 3 recommendations.

Nothing like added convenience to make life just a little bit easier.

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