Players wanting to get their hands on Adr1ft, a first-person astronaut game, don't have much longer to wait: the game gets a release on March 28 on PC, including an Oculus Rift version.

Adr1ft falls under the interactive movie game category as it follows an astronaut with amnesia floating through the wreckage of a space station. Players become that astronaut and must navigate through that wreckage and search for clues to determine what happened, as well as figure out how to repair a spacecraft that can get them to Earth. During that time, players must also hunt for resources to survive in space.

The game's director, Adam Orth, tweeted the release date yesterday, noting that the game will appear on Steam for Oculus Rift gamers, but also for those without a VR headset. He also noted that versions of the game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will arrive to gamers soon after its PC release.

"Adr1ft immerses the player in a beautiful, solitary and mysterious science-fiction world while telling an intense, personal story through addictive gameplay mechanics, player-driven environmental exploration and a single, game-spanning audio puzzle," writes the developer in a press release. "Adr1ft  is a journey through action, consequence and redemption that leaves the player contemplating the parallels between the choices they make within the experience, the choices they make in their own lives and how they affect the world around them."

Although Adr1ft is launching on other platforms, the game is probably best suited for the Oculus Rift, especially after the developers announced it would launch with the VR headset, which also begins shipping in March.

"To be a hand-picked launch title by Oculus is an opportunity of a lifetime for us and we are working closely with Oculus to make sure Adr1ft is the most incredible and unique VR experience possible," writes developer Three One Zero on its website.

Oculus Rift preorders began this week, with a price tag for the headset set at $599. Those gamers who donated to the Kickstarter campaign for the development kit tier will get a headset for free, along with two games: Lucky's Tale and EVE: Valkyrie.

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