The device was made by Leigh Purnell who is a graduate from Aston University. Dubbed as the Petalite Flux battery, it needs only 15 minutes to recharge and change from being empty to full. It is very light and small and can fit easily in one's pocket or a small bag.

"I founded Petalite Battery Systems to permanently remove the stress and worry of having a mobile phone on low battery when you are out and about," said Leigh Purnell, a graduate of Technology and Enterprise Management.

The tiny pocket-sized device relieves a user from plugging into a computer USB slot nor a wall electricity socket. When the phone battery runs out, the only thing that one can do is to connect his phone to the Flux battery. 

The Petalite Flux charger is a tubular-shaped charger that tips the scale at 95 g (3.35 oz).  It measures 3.54 x 1.18 x 1.18 in. Having the capacity of 2,600 mAh, the Petalite charger can achieve a total 100% charge in just 15 minutes. Power charging the smartphone or tablet is done through Micro USB or the Lightning connector from Apple.

Though the Petalite Flux charger has no screen, it does have four LED lights that display the level of charge. Seeing all four as illuminated, it means that the user can get a full day's charge for 90 percent. Three lights would indicate a 75% charge which is also enough for anyone using an iPhone 5s.

Based on a study, 92% of people in the UK would start to feel stressed when their smartphone runs out of battery. This only shows how consumers become increasingly dependent on technology. From among those who are surveyed, 60% said they would feel frustrated while 25% said they would panic if their phone's battery ran out.

"We are very excited about the crowdfunding launch of the Flux battery. We believe that it is the fastest charger in the world and that it has real potential to make people's lives that bit easier," said Leigh as he talked about the project.

The Petalite also comes with a specialized charging dock. Developers say that the dock is a necessary item and explains that "pushing this amount of amperage through a standard USB port would damage it within seconds."

The Petalite will be launched through an Indiegogo campaign which is scheduled to commence at the end of the month. Pricing and other details are yet to be disclosed.

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