With all the technology that BMW showed off at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas this week, motorcycle riders will be happy to know that the automaker isn't leaving them in the dust.

Not at all. In fact, it's revving them up, right into the future. BMW showed Tech Times two such biker concepts that it wants to hit the road as soon as possible — a connected motorcycle with laser light carpeting and a special helmet with a heads-up display.

Based on its K1600 motorcycle, BMW first showed Tech Times the bike model embedded with a special light system, including two laser lights, illuminating the road 600 meters in a lighting carpet, which is about double of what an LED lighting system produces. The laser light system is so bright that for purposes of the demo, BMW had to dim it down to make sure it didn't blind any attendees in its CES booth.

Through its connected Bluetooth-enabled multi controller, riders can even accept or deny phone calls while on the road with a slight toggle of their hands.

Adjacent to the connected motorcycle was a smart helmet, featuring a heads-up display, putting everything from roadside alerts to navigational directions, and incoming phone calls in a hovering image by riders' right eye.

The connected helmet, which touts six hours of ride time off a single charge, boasts two cameras — one in the front and the other rear-facing, each making sure that the rider is given the widest possible scope of the road.

The helmet also touts a group ride feature, which will let you know how much ahead a fellow biker has gotten within the pack, even detailing the speed that the individual is going in real-time right on the heads-up display.

Bet bikers can't wait to get their hands on this.

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