The Privoro Smartphone Case Is The Ultimate Guard For Your Privacy


Privacy is an issue that is becoming an increasingly prevalent concern, especially in the digital age, where many of us have lots of personal information online.

Privoro hopes to help put our mind at ease and has announced a new smartphone case designed to act as a physical privacy guard for the user's smartphone.

Once the user puts on the case, the phone becomes undetectable by network towers, Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth devices, and so on. The case also blocks the phone's cameras and can act as an Active Audio mask, transmitting various sounds to the phone's microphone and making eavesdropping impossible.

A little extreme? Perhaps. But at least you'll keep your privacy.

The company has also developed an app to allow users to verify if the guard is working. Of course, the user can still use their phone with the case on, but they'll need to raise the hood of it to re-enable the speakers and the camera. When you're walking down a busy street, full of potential hackers trying to steal your information, seal the phone up and you'll be nice and secure.

The case is kind of bulky, so it is perhaps best suited only at the most important of times — for example, if you're transporting sensitive business documents from one location to another on your phone.

Currently the case is only available for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, but the company hopes to expand the number of phones it can work with to other models. The case is also not cheap, coming in at a cool $1,000. It is available for preorder now, with expected shipping set for the spring of 2016.

Via: Digital Trends

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