Plenty of games promise players that they can do anything ... but few actually manage to come through on that promise. Just Cause 3 is not one of those games.

Just Cause 3 is, quite literally, a game about doing whatever you want. Feel like completing a few story missions? Go ahead. Want to do some side quests and upgrade your gear? That's fine, too. What about just running around and blowing stuff up? Feel free — it's all up to the player. Sure, there are some restrictions at times, but the vast majority of any given player's time in Just Cause 3 is going to be spent doing what they want to do.

For YouTuber TeamCream, that means playing a giant game of Jenga using cargo containers.

No, this isn't a mod or a glitch — by using the game's grappling hook and a helicopter, it's 100 percent possible for gamers to play a rousing game of Jenga inside of Just Cause 3 ... though it's a bit more complicated than playing the board game version.

It's a long, tedious process, but attaching a cargo container to the bottom of a helicopter will allow players to take said container just about anywhere in the game's world — by doing this over and over again, TeamCream was able to make what is essentially a giant-sized Jenga tower. Anyone who's played Just Cause 3 will know that such a feat, while difficult to pull off, isn't all that surprising. What is surprising is that it actually works.

Again, it's a lot more complicated than just setting up the physical version on your table, but the fact that Jenga is actually playable inside of Just Cause 3 is a testament to Avalanche Studios' physics engine. In most other games, the tower would fall over in minutes — in Just Cause 3, it's just another day in Medici.

Unfortunately, Just Cause 3 Jenga ends just like the real-world version does:

For more of TeamCream's Just Cause 3 videos, head over to his YouTube channel.

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