LG G-Flex curved smartphone looks delicious in leaked renders


Samsung became one of the first smartphone manufacture to announce a device with a curved screen through its Galaxy Round last week. 

South Korean rival LG now follows with the G-Flex, a phone reportedly set to launch sometime next month. 

Design-wise, the G-Flex will be curved at its horizontal axis in opposed to the Galaxy Round's vertical bent, if the renders obtained by CNet are anything to go by. LG's smartphone ergonomically fits around the user's face when in use. And, like the recently released LG G2, the G-Flex features rear buttons, making for space and increased battery life. Sources at Engadget has confirmed that the phone will have a 6-inch display though actual specifications, including processor and operating system are yet to be revealed. 

Both devices from LG and Samsung cannot bend or flex but show possibilities for flexible, indestructible plastic organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen technology that's been the talk of the smartphone industry since CES 2013 in January. Though the technology may be relatively new for mobiles, both the South Korean electronics giants have already released televisions featuring curved OLED displays.  

IHS Display predicts dramatic growth within the global flexible display industry in the coming years, eventually becoming a $1.5 billion market by 2015 and by 2019, exceeding $10 billion. 

LG's Chem division also made the announcement that it will began producing flexible batteries. Made using a stack and folding technology, the batteries could complement devices like curved phone displays or wristwatches where the battery itself could be built into the watch strap. Due to low electricity and waterproof ability, the battery could make its way to water resistant or waterproof electronics.

The electronics giant has much on its plate as the successor to last year's Nexus 4 is slated to hit stores sometime later this month and flagship G2 launched in September. 

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