The Moto 360 hasn't even shipped yet and it's hands down the most desired Android Wear smart watch. New information regarding the wearable has leaked and sheds light on what users can expect.

Smart watches have been billed as the next big thing in mobile computing and all the big players have already gotten into the game or are preparing to.

Samsung introduced its first smart watch in September 2013 when it launched the Galaxy Gear alongside its Galaxy Note 3 phablet. The wearable ran a modified version of Android and was only capable of working with select Samsung smartphones. Sales of the Galaxy Gear were extremely low and the device had a very high return rate due to its battery life, which could barely make it through a day before it died and needed to be completely recharged.

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S5 it took another stab at launching a new smart watch. This time around the company dropped Android and used its Tizen OS to power the Gear 2 smart watch. A few weeks after Samsung's Gear 2 went on sale, Google held a press event where it announced Android Wear, the OS that would run on smart watches from Android licensees like LG and Motorola.

When LG and Motorola's smart watches were shown, the LG G Watch had the familiar rectangular face found on most smart watches. Motorola, on the other hand, chose to use a round display on the Moto 360 and it quickly became the Android Wear smart watch Android fans wanted. The company didn't reveal much about its wearable, except saying that it would ship sometime this summer.

We now know some more details about the Moto 360, thanks to a new report from Mister Gadget. According to the tipster, the Moto 360 is IP67 water resistant and also has an optical heart rate sensor and pedometer built in. Motorola has also included wireless charging and will ship the Moto 360 with a desktop dock to achieve this, as seen in the related image.

The report also gives some insight on the Moto 360's battery life. It claims that the battery lasts 2.5-times longer than the LG G Watch, which means users can expect to get around 2.5 days of use before needing to recharge the wearable. He also says, "The display is legible in extreme sunlight" and has better color saturation than both the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live.

There's still no word on when we can expect to see the Moto 360 go on sale, but once we hear something, we'll be sure to pass on the news.

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