Sprint announced that it has just added 36 more countries under the coverage of the company's existing Open World and Global Roaming programs.

The Open World program offers calling, SMS and high-speed data of up to 1 GB to customers who often travel to Canada, Mexico and 15 Latin American countries.

These include the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama and Peru.

For other destinations, the company's Open World plan offers SMS, cheaper call rates and high-speed data at $30 for every gigabyte.

These include countries such as Australia, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Palestinian territories, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canary Islands, Germany, Israel, Japan, Northern Marianas, Russia and Spain.

Compared to T-Mobile, which offers the same free calling feature, but only in two countries, Sprint surpasses its rival carrier by offering free calling in more global destinations.

In contrast to this, Verizon has no free international calling feature as part of its program.

The best thing about Sprint's Open World plan is that customers can easily add it to their existing plan at no extra cost as long as they are using a smartphone with roaming capabilities.

Likewise, Sprint's Global Roaming is designed for those whose itinerary don't really include Canada, Mexico or Latin America. The company said that customers can opt for the program's free add-on service. This includes unlimited data of up to 2G speeds, unlimited SMS, and calls as low as $0.20 for every minute.

Here is a full list of the newly added 36 countries and destinations that the Open World and Global Roaming programs cover:

  1. Austria  13. Hong Kong  25. Netherlands
  2. Afghanistan  14. Hungary  26. Norway
  3. Bangladesh  15. Iceland  27. Philippines
  4. Belarus  16. Indonesia  28. Poland
  5. Belgium  17. Kenya  29. Rwanda
  6. Bolivia  18. Liechtenstein  30. Serbia
  7. Bulgaria  19. Luxembourg  31. Singapore
  8. Cambodia  20. Macau  32. Slovenia
  9. Croatia  21. Macedonia  33. South Africa
 10. Estonia  22. Malaysia  34. Taiwan
 11. Finland  23. Republic of Malta  35. Thailand
 12. Ghana  24. Montenegro  36. Turkey

Sprint said that the Open World program is a limited-time offer. Customers who want to add the program to their current plans can visit a Sprint retail store. They can also visit the company's web portal or call the customer service hotline at 1-800-SPRINT1.

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