The H20-Pal is worried about you. Maybe "worried" is too strong a word - concerned. It's pretty sure you're getting your required two to three liters a day, and frankly, it's been voicing those concerns with you phone. What's that? You didn't realize the two were talking?

Well, that's what H20-Pal does. The water bottle's built-in monitors measure your swigs and determine how much water is left inside, adding the water consumed to your daily total. That amount is visualized by a nice little animation that fills the display up with sploshing waves of water.

There are notifications to help you get there, as well as tracking over time, and helpful little stats like the number calories you'll save per month if you replace your soda drinking with good, old fashioned H20.

The sensors are located in a small disc that attaches magnetically to the bottom of the bottom, detaching when you want to clean the thing out. Along with all of the sensors and wireless transmitters, there's also a battery on board that should last around six months.

This chatterbox is available online for $99 a pop.

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