While folks like FitBit are betting big on larger display, Misfit is keeping things as sleek as possible. There's no extra fat on the Ray (nor, hopefully, will there be on you if you use the thing right). The fitness tracker is a an aluminum band wrapped around a rubber band.

It's a pretty good looking object - and one that doesn't scream fitness band, unlike much of the neon colored competition, continuing the company's trend of baking activity tracking into tasteful designs.

Like the Shine before it, the Ray does the standard battery of fitness features - step count, distance, calories, as well as sleep, utilizing the company's existing app. The usual. the absence of a display also means that you're going to get a heck of a lot of life on a charge. Six months, by Misfits' calculations.

In lieu of a display, the Ray features a LED light, which flashes on with a touch, indicating how close the user is to hitting his or her goal. The rubber version runs $99 with the leather version coming in at $20 more.

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