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Misfit Vapor Launch Date Set For Oct. 31: What Does The Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatch Offer?

After successive delays, the Misfit Vapor will finally launch on Oct. 31. Preorders are now open for the Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch, which is a standalone device that can function without being paired with a smartphone.

Wearable Tech October 25, 2017

Misfit Vapor Unveiled At CES 2017: Smartwatch With Round AMOLED Touchscreen, Two-Day Battery Life, And Its Own OS For $199

Wearable maker Misfit, which was acquired by luxury watch brand Fossil Group in 2015, has unveiled its first touchscreen smartwatch at CES 2017. Named the Misfit Vapor, the device is powered by Misfit's own operating system.

Health Tech January 7, 2017

The Misfit Phase Is The $175 Analog Watch With Some Smart Features Launching Nov. 7

The Misfit Phase, a new analog watch from Misfit, comes with fitness tracking capabilities. It will be released this fall with a starting price of $175.

Wearable Tech October 18, 2016

Misfit's New Earbuds Also Track Activity And Sleep, Naturally

They're basically a Misfit Shine with headphones attached.

Wearable Tech January 10, 2016

Misfit Maintains Its Minimalistic Ways With the Ray Fitness Band

The Ray offers similiar functionalities as the Shine, is a sleeker package.

Wearable Tech January 9, 2016

Misfit Introduces Stylish Ray Fitness And Sleep Tracker Designed To Be Worn As Fashion Accessory

Misfit unveiled its latest wearable, the Misfit Ray, which can be worn on the wrist as well as attached to other pieces of jewelry.

Wearable Tech January 5, 2016

Misfit Blurs The Line Between Fashion And Function With BaubleBar Necklace And Bracelet

Misfit has announced a partnership with jewelry seller BaubleBar, which will see the release of the Helena Necklace and Helena Bracelet, both of which are fashionable accessories that can also track your health.

Wearable Tech November 24, 2015

Fossil Group Announces Acquisition Of Misfit For $260 Million

Fossil Group has announced that it has acquired Misfit, a company known for its sleek and stylish yet affordable fitness trackers. Fossil plans on integrating Misfit's technology into its watches sometime in 2016.

Money November 12, 2015

Misfit Unveils $100 Shine 2: Sleeker And Smarter Than The First Version

Misfit has introduced its next-gen fitness tracker, the Shine 2, which is not only more svelte but also packs in more internal upgrades when compared to its predecessor. The Shine 2 is priced at $99.99 and can be purchased online.

Gadgets October 21, 2015

The 8 Best Back-To-School Gadgets You Need For College This Year

Back-to-school season means its time to go shopping for the best tech gadgets that will help students make it through the year. From wireless printers to mobile gaming consoles, here are the best gadgets aimed toward college kids.

Gadgets August 24, 2015

Misfit Teams Up With Speedo To Launch Fitness Tracker Designed For Swimmers

Misfit partnered with Speedo to launch a new fitness tracker, the Speedo Shine, that is designed to track lap count and swimming distance.

Wearable Tech August 18, 2015

Misfit Unveils The Flash Link, The Latest Affordable Activity Tracker That Is Also A Smart Button

Misfit is offering its most afforable wearable tracker yet, the Misfit Flash Link, which can also be used as a smart home remote.

Wearable Tech July 16, 2015

Why Your Smartwatch Purchase Could Determine Which Car You Drive In The Future

A panel of experts discussing smartwatches argues the wearables market could be the first battleground to control the world of the Internet of Things and the tech of the future.

Wearable Tech June 12, 2015

CES 2015: Fitness Trackers Roundup: AmpStrip, Activité Pop, Polar A300, VIBE Band VB10, and More

Looking to purchase a new fitness tracker to reach your health goals? The following are the newest fitness-focused gadgets unveiled at CES 2015.

Wearable Tech January 7, 2015

Misfit Flash fitness tracker may be the wearable bargain of the year

Misfit finds a way to cram the functionality of its $99 Shine fitness tracker into the newly unveiled Flash. The Misfit Flash costs just $50 and doesn't skimp on the features.

Wearable Tech September 16, 2014

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