Gaming furniture has actually been a thing for some time now, primarily focused on an attempt to make the the experience more engaging through well-placed speakers and other living room trickery.

The thing about devoted gaming furniture, however, is that it's miraculously still gaming furniture even when you're not gaming, a fact that can get a little awkward for all manner of aesthetic, comfort, and social reasons. Immersit (get it?) has developed a smart — if simple — solution.

The company is set to start selling a pack of four pads that sit under the legs of a couch, lifting and shaking the heavy piece of furniture in time with game play, effectively transforming it into a giant upholstered rumble pack.

I tried the system out using a motorcycle racing game, and I'm officially a fan. The system revs up as the motorcycle gets ready for the race, tilts as you turn a corner, and rumbles when you sideswipe something. The experience is responsive and engaging without being too aggressive in its movements.

No word on exact timing or pricing, but we'll certainly be watching this space with great interest.

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