Ex-Apple employee Sam Sung became an object of fascination for the Internet after his comically ironic business card got passed around in social networks. Now he is cashing in on his newfound fame for a good cause.

Sung, who worked as a specialist for an Apple store in Vancouver, was prohibited from making public statements because of his former employer's policies. His silence persisted even after he left the company, out of respect for his employers.

Now, the famous business card that caused many people to chuckle has resurfaced on eBay, and there's a fierce bidding war going on for it. To date, there have been 74 bids for the odd tech memorabilia, with the top pledge at $3,050. Sung has promised to donate all of the proceeds from the sale to the British Columbia and Yukon chapter of Children's Wish Foundation. The non-profit organization helps grant wishes for sick children.

While the business card is certainly coveted, Sung has actually included other items to his eBay package. The bids are only for the business card, however, Sung has promised to send his framed Apple uniform and lanyard as an added bonus.

"This is just for fun and for charity," Sung said in his eBay page. "I had a great time working for Apple and would recommend it to anyone. I hope my old business card will go to another fellow Apple enthusiast with a sense of humour and the desire to help raise some money for a good case. Although the auction is for my business card alone, I have framed it alongside my old uniform and I will arrange to courier it to you."

The auction is basically the result of a lucky find. Sung said that he found the business card a few days ago when it fell out of a book. According to a report from CNBC, Sung left Apple late last year to join corporate recruiting firm Holloway Schulz. The auction will last until Aug. 15, so interested bidders still have over a week to make a play for the funny artifact. It's a good investment if you're looking to blow your money on expensive laughs.

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