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Russia dismantles Steve Jobs memorial after Apple CEO Tim Cook admits he's gay

A monument in Russia dedicated to Steve Jobs has been destroyed after his successor, current Apple CEO Tim Cook, announced that he is gay. The company behind the statue said that they dismantled the monument to comply with a law prohibiting "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations."

Society November 6, 2014

Want an Apple Watch? Get ready to wait until spring 2015

A new leak points to a later release date for the Apple Watch. According to a report, the device may now be launched "in the spring."

Wearable Tech November 4, 2014

Amazon admits Fire Phone wasn't priced right (but expect sequels anyway)

Amazon's traditional pricing strategy is to undercut rivals. However, it went a different route with the Fire Phone, opting instead to base the price on the industry standard.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 2, 2014

NHTSA fined Ferrari $3.5 million for failing to report three fatal incidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has fined Italian luxury car maker Ferrari $3.5 million for failing to submit early warning reports that indicate safety issues. The company also neglected to report three fatal incidents.

FUTURE TECH November 2, 2014

FCC's 'hybrid approach' to Net neutrality might become a thorny issue

The FCC is reportedly looking to partly regulate Internet service providers as public utilities. In spite of the proposal's tougher stance on ISPs, it is certain to draw criticism from Net neutrality advocates.

Business November 2, 2014

Fitbit releases Charge, Charge HR and Surge: Fitness tracking will never be the same again

Fitbit has just unveiled three new smart wristbands. The new product line, which includes the Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge, comes eight months after the company recalled its flagship model.

Wearable Tech October 29, 2014

Want unlimited cloud storage? Sign up for a Microsoft Office 365 subscription

Microsoft is providing Office 365 subscribers an early Christmas present. The company is rolling out unlimited OneDrive storage to members over the coming months.

Apps/Software October 29, 2014

Ebola email scams are spreading malware. Here's how to protect yourself

With panic setting in over the spread of the Ebola virus, online scammers are taking advantage by spreading malware through fake official emails. The virus can allow hackers to steal passwords and take control of a computer's microphone and webcam.

Internet October 27, 2014

Apple CEO Tim Cook bets big on Apple Pay in 'key market' China: 'It's going to be successful'

Apple CEO Tim Cook is optimistic about Apple Pay's prospects in China. He said that the online payment service is 'on the top of the list' for his company.

Apps/Software October 27, 2014

Tim Cook had 'very open' talks with top Chinese officials about online security and privacy after iCloud hack

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that he had a "very open" and "fascinating" conversation with Chinese officials during his four-day long visit to the country. He called China a "key market" and revealed that Apple Pay and Apple Watch will come to the country.

Business October 26, 2014

Facebook launches Rooms app to let group chat anonymously

Facebook has just launched Rooms, a new Reddit-style app that lets users form discussion groups about certain topics. The app is like a mash-up between Instagram and old-style college message boards.

Apps/Software October 25, 2014

RIP Nokia, Hello Microsoft Lumia

Months after acquiring Nokia's handset business, Microsoft is rebranding its mobile phone line. The company is taking out the Nokia and Windows Phone brand from its smartphones as it renames its new devices as Microsoft Lumia.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 25, 2014

Google, Oxford University partner for artificial intelligence research

Google has forged a partnership with Oxford University for conducting research on artificial intelligence. The alliance aims to advance knowledge in image recognition and natural language understanding.

Deals October 25, 2014

Google Inbox app redefines email management. Here's how you can be on the invite list

The team behind Gmail has come up with Inbox, a new email productivity "designed to focus on what really matters." The invite-only system allows users to more easily access important information and group together messages of the same type.

Apps/Software October 25, 2014

Be Marty McFly: Hendo hoverboard debuts on Kickstarter and can be yours for $10,000

A whole generation of 'Back to the Future' fans may soon be able to run away from futuristic bullies with the Hendo hoverboard. The new device, which is the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, can be purchased for $10,000.

October 25, 2014

Magic Leap receives $542 million in funding round. Here's why the tech world is abuzz

Magic Leap, an enigmatic startup, has long kept mum about its reason for existence. In spite of the ambiguity, Google, along with a group of investors, poured $542 million into the company.

Business October 24, 2014

Apple iCloud under attack from Chinese hackers. Here's why

China is stepping up its monitoring of the Internet activity of its citizens. The country is said to be targeting Apple's iCloud service to collect people's user data and censor the Internet.

Apps/Software October 23, 2014

Apple's fiscal 4Q earnings beat estimates due to strong iPhone sales

Apple reported strong fiscal fourth quarter earnings due to robust sales of the iPhone. The company posted a net profit of $8.5 billion, up 11.8 percent from the same period a year ago.

Business October 23, 2014

Google search algorithm changes demote piracy sites from page rankings

Google is overhauling its search tool in an effort to combat piracy. The company has just announced changes to its ad format and improved its system of demoting websites with infringing material.

Internet October 22, 2014

New 27-inch iMac gets 5K Retina display, but is it worth $2,499?

Apple has just released a new iMac that comes with a 5K Retina display. While the new desktop is sure to impress, it does have shortcomings, such as a hefty price and lack of content.

Computers October 21, 2014

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