Apple is secretly working on a new feature for its Apple Watch owners (and perhaps secretly hoping people will buy several Apple Watches for themselves).

Curious? The handy feature is dubbed Auto Switch and will be especially beneficial for Apple Watch owners who have many of them. The new feature will let users pair their wearables seamlessly with one iPhone.

The Auto Switch feature was spotted in the developer beta for the impending iOS update and the first beta for watchOS 2.2.

Reports claim that this feature will enable users to see all the Apple Watches that connect to their iPhone as a list. The Apple Watch that is paired to the device actively will have a green tick mark to its left.

How Auto Switch Works

For Auto Switch to be enabled in the Apple Watch app, the connected smartwatch should run on first beta of watchOS 2.2.

Once the feature is enabled, Auto Switch automatically connects to any Apple Watch one has paired. This happens when a user puts it on and raises the wrist the watch is on.

The auto part of the feature only comes to play when one will swap one watch out in place of another. The iPhone will then automatically select the Apple Watch one is using when they wear it and wake it.

Currently, the Auto Switch feature only works on devices that run the first beta versions of iOS 9.3 and watchOS 2.2.

The green tick mark aside, Apple will also be including the users' Apple Watch's image, including their watch's color and style, as well as the complications and watch face the user has enabled. The notion behind this inclusion is that a user will be able to figure out easily which one is her or his watch and which is not from all the connected devices.

The Auto Switch feature will also aid developers in testing apps for compatibility with both the 42mm and 38mm variants of the Apple Watch.

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