Soon you will be able to make your friends go bankrupt, even if they are miles away.

Hasbro and Ubisoft announced that they are launching the Hasbro Game Channel for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Hasbro Game Channel will feature at launch some of the company's famous board games, such as Monopoly, Risk and Trivial Pursuit.

Last-generation consoles, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, won't receive the Hasbro Game Channel, but the individual games will be available for download on those consoles.

"We have worked closely with Ubisoft on the development of the Hasbro Game Channel, which will bring family and friends together for a fun and social gaming experience with their favorite brands," said Mark Blecher, senior vice president of digital gaming and corporate development for Hasbro, in a statement. "The new console games will allow players to connect and play with others, not just in their living rooms, but around the world."

"We're bringing Hasbro's classic games to the digital age, capturing all the excitement and fun of these timeless games and building new ways to play them with the Hasbro Game Channel," said Chris Early, vice president of digital publishing for Ubisoft, in a statement. "The new console experiences will offer a brand new channel with both familiar and new gameplay modes, various missions, achievements and rewards for endless fun with friends and family."

The games will feature both digital reproductions of the class game boards, but also modern three-dimensional versions with animated graphics. These modernized versions of the board games will allow both online play and offline, customizable rules and new formats and features. Monopoly Plus supports play up to six players. Risk can be played by up to four player. The number of players for Trivial Pursuit Live has not been announced.

Beyond the three famous board games, there will be a program named My Monopoly that will allow you to create your own Monopoly board, including property names and customized graphics.

Monopoly is the classic real estate game where players continuously go around the board and build up properties, increasing the cost opponents have to pay when they land on those properties. The goal is to make the other players bankrupt and be the last one left.

Risk is the famous strategy game where players pit armies against one another, invading countries until they rule continents. The goal is to vanquish your enemies and take over the world. More modern rules shorten the game from ten hours of conquering the planet to fulfilling specific missions to such as controlling certain continents or capturing a certain number of countries in one turn.

Trivial Pursuit is the classic trivia game, where players move a piece around the board and answer trivia questions from a variety of categories and subjects. Successfully landing on special spots and answering the question there counts as beating that category. Beating all six of the categories and answering one last question, before other players can, gives you victory.

Hasbro Game Channel will launch in the fall.

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