All you need to know about the Gaza conflict in one animated map


The currently deadly situation in the Middle-East between Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the state of Israel is just the latest chapter in a long and complex history between the two groups, a history that continues to define both regions. While the conflict is all over the news, most Americans don't have a true understanding of the situation, and rarely does the media truly go in depth about the who, what, where and why of the entire situation.

Thankfully, French newspaper Le Monde has you covered with an incredibly informative animated map of Gaza and Israel that goes through the major milestones and setbacks in the region over the last 60 years, all the way up to the current conflict.

Israel has engaged in four military operations against militants in the Gaza Strip in the last eight years. The strip itself is one of the most densely populated territories in the world, with more than 11,000 people per square mile of the four-to-seven mile wide and 25 mile long territory. The vast majority of people living in Gaza are refugees, with many of them living in U.N. camps established since 1948.

While the two regions have always been in conflict since the creation of Israel after World War II, it is the current political regime that has escalated conflicts even further in recent years, leading to multiple military operations by Israel. In 2005, Israel pulled military troops out of Gaza and disbanded Jewish settlements there, granting Palestinians 100 percent of the territory. Following that act, the political party known as Hamas won Gaza's legislative elections in 2006.

The six-minute video provides easy to digest infographics, numbers and animations of the area as it explains all the history and current political climate of the region. If you've ever wanted to be informed about the situation without having to read a history textbook, the video is definitely worth checking out.

The situation in Gaza explained with a map by lemondefr

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