Last year saw the announcement of Mujjo's leather crochet touchcreen gloves, giving users the ability to swipe, pinch and tap on any touchscreen device, while staying warm as winter creeps around the corner. 

Made of a combination of Ethiopian lambskin leather and crocheted Egyptian cotton, the touchscreen usability comes from nanotechnology integrated into the leather of the gloves giving them the feel of human skin.

There was one problem, however. It wasn't very fashionable for women. 

That changes as Mujjo is set to ship its leather crochet touchscreen gloves tailored specifically to fit a woman's hand, November 28. Featuring a slim cut and increased length, the hand-wear will be available in female sizes 7 and 7.5. Pricing is in line with the male version at €74.34 on its website.

The women's edition comes in response to "numerous request for a female version," according to Mujjo. Unlike the male version, the female version is made entirely of leather on the thumb instead of crocheted cotton. Mujjo's female leather crochet touchscreen gloves seems to be available in one color (black), according to the maker's site, as opposed to the male version's variety of different shades and styles.

"We undertook a design with women in mind, which resulted in the world's first leather touchscreen gloves designed specifically for women, approved and tested by women," read an entry on Mujjo's blog.

Alongside the fashionable gloves, Mujjo also makes sleeves for various mobile devices including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and the Macbook. Founded in 2011, the Dutch-based designer label crafts all of its accessories by hand. All products available have a European appeal yet have some technological feature. The approach gives them a high fashion yet tech geek appeal, which has given them major kudos from Wired to Bazaar among others. 

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