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Snowden "broke the won't find much admiration from me": Bill Gates speaks out

Edward Snowden may be a hero to millions of Americans but NSA will be happy to know that Bill Gates is not in that list. According to the billionaire, Snowden has broken the law and that doesn't make him a hero, Gates told Rolling Stones in an interview. However, Gates isn't a big fan of what NSA is doing, either.

Society March 15, 2014

Boeing Black self-destructing smartphone is not meant for you or me...though it ought to be

Boeing Black is definitely a good phone to have to keep off the prying eyes of the National Security Agency (NSA) but unfortunately, it won't be made available to the average customer. The self-destructing phone will only be sold to agencies and companies related to defense and homeland security.

Business March 1, 2014

Zuckerberg and Gates form tag team to boost Internet speed in U.S. public schools

With about 80 percent of public schools in the U.S. struggling to provide decent Internet speeds to students, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates join hands with a non-profit organization to help boost broadband and WiFi speeds in schools.

Society December 5, 2013

Honda-pimped smartphone case comes with airbags

Smartphone owners who tend to be clumsy and drop their handsets need not worry if Honda decides to release its smartphone Case N pimped with airbags.

Gadgets December 5, 2013

YotaPhone: Dual-display smartphone rolls out in Russia

Russian startup Yota Devices has launched the YotaPhone, a dual-display device that promises to answer smartphone battery woes.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 5, 2013

'Pony' botnet dumps two million Facebook, Twitter, and Google passwords online

Security experts discovered around two million passwords up for grabs on the Internet.

Internet December 5, 2013

Sony PlayStation 4 global sales hit 2.1 million

Sony said that it has sold 2.1 million PlayStation 4 units globally. Note: Sold, not shipped.

Video Games December 4, 2013

Moto X demand causes Motorola site to crash, new sale dates announced

After frustrating customers who wanted to buy a Moto X at discounted prices on Monday, Motorola issued an apology and announced new dates for the promo.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 4, 2013

Oxytocin may make autistic children more sociable

A nasal spray with oxytocin as an ingredient may help children with autism spectrum disorder be more social.

Life December 3, 2013

WhatsApp beats Facebook to emerge most popular mobile messaging service

Social messaging app WhatsApp has breezed past Facebook to emerge as the top mobile social messaging service.

Apps/Software December 3, 2013

Veterinary hospices make saying goodbye less painful

Veterinary hospice care for pets are becoming popular as they provide quality end-of-life care for pets and peace of mind for pet owners.

Society December 3, 2013

You can't be fat and fit at same time, new study claims

Experts conclude that there is no such thing as "obese but healthy," based on data correlating weight, metabolic diseases, cardiac diseases, and premature death.

Life December 3, 2013

Fast and Furious star Paul Walker dies in car crash

Paul Walker's death has left the entire film fraternity stunned and saddened.

Arts & Culture December 1, 2013

Can windshield wipers be used to gauge rainfall? Yes, say researchers

Besides clearing the windshield of dirt, debris and water, scientists have found out a new use for the wipers - measure the intensity of rain.

Earth/Environment December 1, 2013

Beware of these online scams this holiday season

McAfee has released an infographic, warning consumers of potential scams they might encounter while doing their holiday shopping online.

Internet December 1, 2013

'Fit Mom' Maria Kang gets temporarily banned from Facebook for launching tirade against obese women

Social media hot mom Maria Kang was banned on Facebook for two days after posting an alleged hate speech targeting obese women.

Society November 30, 2013

Shoppers getting stalked by marketers this shopping season

Marketers and retailers are using technology to learn about consumer behaviors and tendencies and will use the data to improve the shopping experience, and of course their profits.

Society November 30, 2013

New York Times nipple photo courts controversy

The New York Times published an image of a woman that showed an areola and part of the nipple, in connection to a series of stories featuring breast cancer. Needless to say, the "powerful" image courted controversy.

Society November 30, 2013

Apple ditches discounts for gift cards on Black Friday

Giving away gift cards instead of offering direct discounts for its products on Black Friday is an old habit to break for Apple.

Business November 30, 2013

Scientists crack mystery behind Whirling Dervishes skirts

A group of scientists looked into the math involved in producing the shapes of the Whirling Dervishes skirts.

Animals November 29, 2013

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