EA Sports Pulls Off The Ultimate Troll On Minnesota Vikings Kicker Blair Walsh


Downright cruel.

That's probably the best way to describe EA Sports posting an Instagram Madden NFL 16 simulation shot of Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh's painfully-missed 27-yard field goal from last weekend.

EA ran the Instagram video-game simulation shot as a Throwback Thursday post to Sunday, when Walsh excruciatingly shanked a game-winning field goal, allowing the Seattle Seahawks to leave Minnesota with a 10-9 NFC Wild-Card game victory in tow.

Prior to EA's ultimate trolling — something that the video-game developer is not a stranger to delivering at all — Walsh was already never going to live this missed field goal down. The last thing he needed was this.

EA's IG post shows a Madden NFL 16-simulated Walsh kicking the field goal with three lines of trajectory way off to the left — just like his actual 27-yard attempt sailed this past Sunday, a day that Vikings' fans will never forget.

If some people are kicking Walsh while he's down — pardon the pun — others are taking pity on him. ESPN is reporting that the 26-year-old Vikings kicker visited Northpoint Elementary School in Minnesota on Thursday to thank a bunch of first-graders, who wrote him letters of encouragement after he missed the field goal.

Walsh told ESPN that he received "too many [letters] to count — probably from every one of those kids."

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