'Pokkén Tournament' For Wii U: Here Are The Battle Pokémon And Support Pokémon You'll See


Pokkén Tournament finally has a release date, with Nintendo announcing that the Pokémon fighting game will be released on March 18 for the Nintendo Wii U gaming console in all regions.

The game is already available in arcades in Japan, but with the announcement, Pokémon fans from all over the world can expect to finally get their hands on the highly anticipated Wii U title in just two months.

More details regarding Pokkén Tournament  have been surfacing recently, including announcements on new characters and game modes. Gamers also have an incentive to purchase the first editions of the title, as those that do will be receiving a Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card that can instantly unlock the Pokémon in the game's roster of fighters.

In Pokkén Tournament, players engage in a two-tier fighting system that operates differently depending on the distance of the fighters. At a distance, the fight is target-based, with players moving around the area to come closer to the enemy or fire projectiles from far away. However, once the fighters engage in near-distance combat, the 3D fighting field transform into a 2D fighting environment that keeps the stage's graphics but flattens the plane, allowing players to pull off combos and launch counterattacks against their enemies.

The intricacies of the fighting system combine with the different abilities of the Pokémon fighters to cater to a wide variety of fighting styles that gamers would prefer. The roster of fighters available in Pokkén Tournament  are separated into Battle Pokémon and Support Pokémon, with the Battle Pokémon being the player's main fighter and the Support Pokémon able to be called onto the battlefield for a brief amount of time to assist the Battle Pokémon.

So far, here is the known stable of Battle Pokémon in Pokkén Tournament:

Pikachu - Everybody knows Pikachu, whether you are a Pokémon fan or not. In the game, players can utilize the quick movements and powerful electric shocks of Pikachu to inflict damage on the opponent.

Pikachu Libre - Pikachu in an awesome luchador wrestling outfit, complete with modified wrestling techniques. Because why not?

Machamp - A powerful fighter in the Pokémon universe, Machamp will have unrivaled skills in close-range combat in Pokkén Tournament.

Lucario - Lucario will be an all-around solid fighter in the game, with a good balance of offense and defense.

Gengar - Known as a phantasmagoric trickster, Gengar is said to be tough to read and is hated by its opponents.

Gardevoir - Players will be able to use Gardevoir's fluid movements to attack opponents from a distance.

Garchomp - Garchomp will have attacks that can close the distance between him and the opponent, where the Pokémon can deal massive damage.

Charizard - The fiery Charizard, one of the most popular characters in Pokémon, will utilize his fire-breathing attacks and flying abilities to inflict damage on opponents.

Mewtwo - Featuring a combination of agility and power, Mewtwo is a dangerous opponent for any player.

Shadow Mewtwo - The mysterious Pokémon has the ability to dish out a serious of damaging blows that will confuse opponents into submission.

Chandelure - Chandelure is said to have the ability to lure opponents to the underworld, with the Pokémon also having flaming long-range attacks in its arsenal.

Braixen - Braixen can utilize fiery attacks from a distance, preferring to keep away from opponents and to burn them from afar instead.

Blaziken - While Braixen uses fire at a distance, Blaziken will rush head on to the fight and attack with fire up close with flaming fists.

Weavile - A speedy fighter with a small body, Weavile should not be taken lightly due to his sharp claws and the ability to control ice.

Sceptile - The mysterious green Sceptile Pokémon is the ruler of the jungle. He has the ability to control plants, which will be used against his opponents.

Suicune - A legendary Pokémon, players that select Suicune can utilize his powerful long-range attacks to knock out opponents.

The Battle Pokémon will be assisted by the following pairs of Support Pokémon, though not much is yet known regarding their abilities.

• Emolga and Fennekin
• Snivy and Lapras
• Frogadier and Eevee
• Mismagius and Ninetales
• Jirachi and Whimsicott
• Croagunk and Sylveon
• Farfetch'd and Electrode
• Pachirisu and Magikarp

Pokkén Tournament will feature a single battle mode, a local battle mode and an online play mode that will have both casual and ranked matches.

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