BlackBerry unveiled the company's first Android smartphone, the BlackBerry Priv, in September 2015. The handset packs in top-end features, but some customers have complained regarding the phone's battery life.

Battery life has become a major aspect for people when choosing a mobile device. A 3,410 mAh battery powers the BlackBerry Priv, which offers up to 23.9 hours of talk time and up to 17.6 days of standby time.

Here are some tips that could increase the battery life of the Priv.

Keyboard And Display Settings

Customers can go to Settings > Display and lower the screen's brightness to save battery.

Smartphones have the option to go into sleep mode if it is ideal for some time. Priv owners can go to Settings > Display and customize the handset to go into sleep mode after 15 seconds or 30 seconds to conserve battery life.

By default, the keyboard of the Priv vibrates and makes a sound when a user types. Turning off this feature will result in less battery consumption.

Customers can go to Settings > Language & input > Keyboard Settings > Key press feedback and then turn off vibrate and sound of the keyboard.

Battery Saver

The battery life of smartphones is very important, especially in some circumstances, perhaps one might need to make or receive urgent calls, but the phone does not have enough charge. The Priv has a feature called Battery Saver than can help users to optimize the battery life of their handset.

"This feature reduces your device's performance and limits features such as vibration, location services, and most background data," says BlackBerry. "As a result, your email, and other apps that rely on syncing may not update unless they are opened when Battery saver mode is enabled."

Priv owners can go to Settings > Battery and then tap the three dots that appear on top right corner and tap on Battery Saver. By default, the feature is disabled and customers can opt to automatically turn it on when the charge goes down to 15 percent or 5 percent.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi And Airplane Mode

The battery life of a mobile device can be affected if the handset needs to maintain a strong signal. BlackBerry suggests that customers should turn on Airplane mode if the mobile connection is weak or when they do not need to use their mobile network at all.

Switching off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use can also result in increased battery life.

GPS Or Location Service

GPS or location services are very helpful to find nearby restaurants, places of interest, businesses and more. But GPS or location service also consumes a lot of power and customers should switch them off when not in use, if they want to prolong the battery juice of their Priv.

Customers can go to Settings > Location and turn off Location services.

Sync For Google Apps

Customers who want to conserve the battery life of their Priv can consider turning off the sync feature for select Google apps. Turning off the feature means that the app will not update automatically in the phone's background, thus minimizing the battery use.


The use of Live Wallpaper results in high battery usage. BlackBerry recommends that Priv users should not use Live Wallpapers if they want to maximize the battery life of their device.

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