Skype has updated its Android app. Now users are allowed to schedule calls and open Microsoft Office documents.

Skype already has a number of tools that enhance the way people communicate with friends, family and colleagues. Group instant messaging, file sharing and group video call (which is coming soon to mobile) are some Skype features that make it easier for people to connect with each other.

On Wednesday, Skype launched new features that aims to increase the productivity of its Android users.

"We know that many of you arrange calls over Skype, and we've now made it easier for you to add it to your calendar, so you don't forget about them. You can already schedule Skype calls using Outlook, and now you can also schedule calls in Outlook from Skype," says Skype.

It is simple and easy to schedule a Skype call. Users have to tap on the person on their list with whom they wish to schedule a call, then tap the menu located on the upper right corner, choose "Schedule a call" from the drop down list and then create the time and day to call.

Many Android mobile devices such as tablets and phones have a big display screen that allows users to perform various productivity tasks such as accessing and working on Microsoft Office applications.

With the new updated Skype for Android, users can easily open Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations when they are received via an individual or group chat.

Skype users will just have to tap on the Office file they have received and the file will open straight up via the supported Android app. If users do not have Office apps on their device, the Skype app will help then with instructions to download them.

While the new Skype features have already arrived on Android, there is no news when the company will roll them out to other platforms such as iOS and Windows 10. Market experts suggest that Skype may update the new features in its iOS app first, as Microsoft is still in the process of integrating Skype for Windows 10.

"Windows users remain a top priority for Skype," said a Microsoft spokesperson. "We are focusing our efforts on integrating Skype capabilities into Windows 10 communications apps to deliver great experiences to Windows users. We'll have more to share in the future."

Customers who want to experience Skype on Android devices can download the app for free from Google Play Store.

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