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Microsoft Unveils The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Microsoft's new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is now official. The company says it's now 'more elite than ever,' featuring new adjustable tension thumbsticks, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

Video Games June 10, 2019

Microsoft's E3 Sale Shaves $100 Off The Xbox One X, Offers Big Discounts On Games

With Microsoft's E3 sale, the Xbox One X is $100 cheaper. The deals also extend to the Xbox One S and a slew of games, such as 'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice' and 'Mortal Kombat 11.'

Video Games June 9, 2019

Apple Says iTunes Will Stay Alive ... On Windows

iTunes is about to be broken into three separate apps on the macOS when Catalina rolls out. On the other hand, it's going to remain intact as a single app on the Windows platform, according to Apple.

Apple June 5, 2019

Microsoft Allegedly Working On Dual-Screen Surface Device

Microsoft has apparently been showing off a dual-screen Surface prototype to employees. It might even release this device sometime within the next six months, if rumors are to be believed.

Microsoft June 4, 2019

Microsoft Confirms Xbox Game Pass Subscription Service Is Coming To PC

Microsoft is creating a version of Xbox Game Pass specifically tailored to Windows users. It’s not clear how it’s going to cost, but it will include 100 games to start.

Video Games May 31, 2019

Free Xbox Games With Gold For June 2019 Includes 'NHL 19' And 'Portal: Still Alive'

The lineup of Microsoft's Xbox Games with Gold for June 2019 has been announced. This time around, it includes 'NHL 19' and 'Rivals of Aether' for the Xbox One.

Video Games May 31, 2019

Microsoft Hints At A New Operating System That’s Compatible With All Devices

Microsoft shared some ideas on how a modern OS should work. Constant, invisible updates, a seamless cloud-based experience, and 5G are just some of the elements that make up this ideal new platform.

Microsoft May 30, 2019

All Xbox Games Will Be Playable On xCloud Streaming Service — Yes, All Generations Of Xbox

Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service might give Google Stadia a run for its money. Apparently, the platform will be able to host some 3,500 games across all Xbox generations.

Video Games May 27, 2019

Check Out This Purple Xbox One S With A Special ‘Fortnite’ Skin, Perks

This limited-edition Xbox One S model for 'Fortnite' fans just leaked ahead of Microsoft’s E3 presentation. It is said to come in this sleek purple colorway and include 2,000 in-game V-Bucks, plus neat extras.

Video Games May 27, 2019

PlayStation Employees Didn’t Know Sony Was Partnering With Microsoft And They Were Really Shocked

When Sony announced its partnership with Microsoft, no one was more shocked than its own PlayStation team. But apparently, the PlayStation 5 won’t be affected by this new relationship.

Video Games May 21, 2019

Heads Up, Mac Users: You Can Download The Microsoft Edge Browser Preview Right Now

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser just landed on macOS. Users can download a preview now, which includes features found on the Windows 10 build released earlier.

Microsoft May 21, 2019

Microsoft Surface Headphones Are $100 Off Right Now

Microsoft’s Surface Headphones are currently $100 off for some reason, so get them while you can. This is the first time they’ve been discounted, by the way.

Wearable Tech May 20, 2019

Microsoft And Sony Announce Surprise Partnership On Cloud Gaming

Sony and Microsoft’s partnership will include collaborating on cloud gaming services, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, and more. No word on whether the two will co-develop actual games, however.

Video Games May 18, 2019

How To Play Classic ‘Minecraft’ Using Just Your Browser

In celebration of 10 years of 'Minecraft,' Mojang has made the original version available to play for free. 'Minecraft' Classic is now fully playable directly from web browsers.

Video Games May 9, 2019

WATCH: Microsoft Screws Up Its HoloLens 2 Demo Of The Apollo Moon Landing

Microsoft was going to do a HoloLens 2 demo of the Apollo 11 moon landing at Build 2019. However, it couldn't quite pull it off.

Microsoft May 7, 2019

Hands-Free Alexa Voice Commands Finally Available On Windows 10 PCs

Amazon’s newly updated Alexa app for Windows 10 now lets users access the digital assistant hands-free. It comes with voice command support for Pandora, as well.

Microsoft May 7, 2019

‘Get Wrecked’ And ‘Potato Aim’ Among The Only Acceptable Xbox Live Trash Talk, Says Microsoft

Online multiplayer is a melting pot of people with bad mouths and equally awful behavior. Microsoft wants to fix that by adjusting the language players use to trash talk others.

Video Games May 6, 2019

HoloLens 2 Developer Edition Comes With Azure Credit, Free Unity Software Trials For $3,500

Microsoft is offering a HoloLens 2 developer edition that comes with Azure credits and Unity software trials for $3,500. It also confirms that Unreal Engine 4 support will arrive by the end of May.

Wearable Tech May 3, 2019

Microsoft Pushes Out Windows 10 Preview With Incremental Improvements To Narrator And Dictation

The latest Windows 10 Preview update enhances Your Phone, adds dictation support for more languages, and fixes a number of bugs along the way. However, it also adds some unknown issues that merit proceeding with caution.

Microsoft April 29, 2019

Microsoft Releasing 50-Inch Surface Hub 2 With $8,999 Price Tag

Microsoft has announced pricing and release details for its new Surface Hub 2S. It will be available in June with a price tag of $8,999.

Microsoft April 23, 2019

Microsoft Kills Windows 10 Sets Feature: RIP Tabbed Windows

Microsoft pulls the plug on the Sets tabbed experience on Windows 10. But perhaps not — senior project manager Rich Turner says tabs might still come down the line.

Microsoft April 22, 2019

Next-Gen Xbox, Aka Anaconda, Will Be 'More Advanced' Than The PlayStation 5: Insiders

Insiders claim that the next-gen Xbox is going to be 'more advanced' than the PlayStation 5. If true, then the Xbox could retain its title as 'the world's most powerful console.'

Video Games April 20, 2019

Hackers Can Use Microsoft Customer Support To Read Private E-Mails

Microsoft confirmed that hackers targeted a limited number of e-mail accounts on Hotmail, MSN, and Outlook. It assured its users that it takes data protection very seriously, and it is currently investigating the issue.

Microsoft April 17, 2019

Gears 5 Gearing Up For Multiplayer Unveiling This June

Microsoft confirmed the multiplayer mode reveal of 'Gears 5' is happening in June during new eSports TV show. The upcoming third-person video game is anticipated to be one of Microsoft’s biggest game launches for 2019.

Video Games April 17, 2019

Microsoft Reportedly Developing AirPods Rival: Wireless Surface Buds Coming Soon?

Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s AirPods might come out by the end of the year. Its design, features, and price are largely nebulous at the moment, though.

Microsoft April 16, 2019

Free-To-Play 'Forza Street' Now Available On PC, With Android And iOS Versions Coming Later

'Forza Street' is the new free-to-play racing title for Windows 10. It's set to launch on Android and iOS too, making it the first in the series to go beyond the PC and Xbox platforms.

Video Games April 16, 2019

Microsoft Takes A Jab At Google Stadia: ‘They Don’t Have The Content’

Microsoft is now throwing shade at Google Stadia, a sign that the cloud gaming wars have officially begun. Xbox exec Mike Nichols says the game streaming service has one major problem — lack of content.

Video Games April 12, 2019

Microsoft Releases First Preview Of Its Chromium-based Microsoft Browser

Early impressions say Chromium-based Edge performs better than Google Chrome on Windows 10. In the future, Microsoft might add Fluent Design tweaks and existing Edge features such as inking and setting aside tabs.

Apps/Software April 9, 2019

Microsoft Ditches ‘Safely Remove USB’ Requirement — Just Pull It Out

No need to Safely Remove USB from Windows 10 devices anymore. Microsoft has defaulted to Quick Removal instead of Better Performance for all external devices.

Microsoft April 8, 2019

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Combines Xbox Live And Game Pass For The Disc-Less Xbox One S

A report says that Microsoft is going to unveil a new subscription called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The new offering is said to combine Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for the disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital edition.

Video Games April 6, 2019

Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update Gives Users More Control Over Updates

Microsoft is about to roll out its May 2019 update for Windows 10. It will allow users to decide whether to install future updates as soon as they become available or to stave it off in the meantime.

Apps/Software April 5, 2019

Microsoft’s Chromium Browser Might Support 4K Netflix Streaming

Right now, only Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 supports true 4K streaming on Netflix. But that could change soon with Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser, which will launch in beta soon.

Apps/Software April 3, 2019

Microsoft Is Pulling E-Books From Its Store And Remove Access To Purchased Items In July

Microsoft is backing out of the e-book business to 'streamline' the focus of its Store. It's offering full refunds to customers and plans to remove access to all purchased digital books in July.

Microsoft April 2, 2019

Microsoft's Surface Book 2 Gets Refreshed With 8th-Gen Core i5 Processor

Microsoft added a new configuration for the 13.5-inch Surface Book 2. At that, the device is now available with a quad-core eighth-generation Intel Core i5 processor.

Microsoft April 1, 2019

Minecraft Update Removes Mention Of Game Creator Markus 'Notch' Persson In Splash Screen

The latest update for 'Minecraft' has dropped almost all references to its original creator Notch. Some speculate that this is a way to distance the game from the highly controversial game designer.

Video Games March 29, 2019

Microsoft Won’t Have Any April Fools’ Prank This Year, And No, This Is Not A Joke

April Fools’ is just days away, and some may now be preparing for the wittiest gags. However, Microsoft decided to skip doing pranks, saying there are 'more to lose than gain' in trying to be funny for just a day.

Microsoft March 28, 2019

Microsoft's New Chromium-Based Edge Browser Leaked Online

Microsoft's newest version of Edge has been leaked online, allowing users to try the Chromium-based browser. While it functions like Chrome, the company made features parallel to other Windows 10 applications.

Microsoft March 25, 2019

Microsoft Explains How Its xCloud Streaming Service Will Bring Xbox Games To Phones

Microsoft will employ xCloud-specific tools to make sure streaming Xbox games on a phone wouldn’t be a terrible experience. It’s leveraging the Touch Adaption Kit and cloud aware APIs as part of those efforts.

Video Games March 23, 2019

Microsoft Is Giving macOS The Windows Defender Treatment

Microsoft makes Windows Defender cross-platform by bringing the client to macOS. Users will have access to much of the same antivirus options, including scanning, taking action on threats, and more.

Security March 22, 2019

Windows Virtual Desktop Now On Public Preview

Microsoft's new Windows Virtual Desktop is now available for public preview. The program allows users to easily launch their Windows desktops and apps using Azure while also enjoying its built-in security.

Apps/Software March 22, 2019

Cuphead And Xbox Live Coming To Nintendo Switch, Plus A Ton Of New Indies

Yup, 'Cuphead' is coming to Nintendo Switch, which means it won’t be a Microsoft exclusive anymore. Enjoy the critically acclaimed hand-drawn title on April 18.

Video Games March 21, 2019

Microsoft Is Ending Windows 7 Support On Jan. 14, 2020

It's official: Windows 7 support is going to end on Jan. 14, 2020. Now Microsoft is urging users to upgrade to Windows 10, as it's about to stop providing security updates and technical assistance.

Microsoft March 21, 2019

Heads Up, PC Players: Microsoft Will Let You Play ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ Early

PC gamers will get to play 'Halo: The Master Chief Collection' ahead of release as part of Microsoft’s 'Halo' Insider Program. Things will kick off with 'Halo: Reach' first, followed by the other titles later on.

Video Games March 19, 2019

Xbox Live Coming To iOS And Android, Nintendo Switch Likely To Follow

Prepare to see Xbox Live arrive on more platforms. Microsoft just announced a new SDK for iOS and Android developers, and soon the Nintendo Switch could be included, as well.

Video Games March 15, 2019

You Can Now Stream PC Games On Your Xbox One And Play Them With A Controller, Too: Here’s How

Microsoft’s newly updated Wireless Display now enables players to cast their games on PC to their Xbox One. No Netflix or Amazon video yet, though.

Video Games March 14, 2019

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