It has been just over a month since Amazon banned the sale of hoverboards amidst growing reports about them catching on fire.

Well, now, the online retail conglomerate is taking things a step further.

In conjunction with a Wednesday statement from United States' Consumer Product Safety Commission chairman Elliot Kaye, Amazon is offering a full refund to any customer who purchased a hoverboard from its website.

All those customers have to do is return the product to Amazon for a full refund.

"I want to commend Amazon for voluntarily stepping up, providing a free remedy and putting customer safety first," Kaye said as part of the statement. "I encourage consumers to take advantage of Amazon's offer and to contact the company through the following site:"

That being said, Kaye and the Consumer Product Safety Commission hopes that other retailers follow Amazon's lead.

"As encouraged as I am by Amazon's actions, I expect other retailers and manufacturers of hoverboards to take action and offer a full refund now to their customers as well," Kaye said. "I also expect responsible large-volume online sellers in particular to stop selling these products until we have more certainty regarding their safety."

Right before Amazon announced its ban, several major airlines — including Delta, United and American Airlines — banned hoverboards for fear of them suddenly catching on fire, while in flight.

So, even if you own a hoverboard or are still thinking of purchasing one, just know your points of access could be limited.

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