AMD's Zen-based CPUs are indeed coming to high-end desktops, including gaming PCs, toward the end of this year.

The confirmation arrived during the company's earnings call, wherein AMD expressed the high expectations for the up-coming processors.

"We will introduce [Zen] first in desktop and so we are having conversations with some of the PC OEMs about getting their platforms ready for desktop and then we will go into enterprise server first full year in 2017," said AMD.

The Zen core is touted to have a fully enhanced design with a relatively high core count. It is based on the FinFET process for improved efficiency in both client and enterprise platforms. Other features include Low Latency Cache, High-Bandwidth and Simultaneous Multithreading Support.

Based on AMD's roadmap, the company is officially launching two brand new processor families that will carry the names Summit Ridge and Bristol ridge.

The Summit Ridge lineup will be made up of processors that are entirely based on the latest Zen core architecture. According to Lisa Su, president and CEO of AMD, Summit Ridge will cater to the consumer DIY and OEM markets. This family of CPUs will pave for the company to re-assume its position in the high-performance desktop market.

The Bristol Ridge lineup will be composed of the latest FX CPUs and A-Series APUs, which will cater to the desktop market. Technically speaking, the Bristol Ridge share a number of similar features with Carrizo. Both APU families are based on a third generation GCN architecture. Both have full support for DirectX 12 and both provide a number of great features that include DCE, VCD, UVD and audio.

AMD also hinted that come 2017, the company may be prepared to release APUs and servers that are designed with Zen as a central processing unit. If this pushes through, performance levels will certainly be at par not only with the Xbox One and the PS4, but also with laptops. Other future plans include the release of a high-bandwidth memory also aimed for 2017.

"AMD closed 2015 with solid execution fueled by the second straight quarter of double-digit percentage growth in our Computing and Graphics segment and record annual semi-custom unit shipments," said Su. "While 2015 was challenging from a financial perspective, key R&D investments and a sharpened focus on innovation position us well to deliver great products, improved financial results and share gains in 2016."

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