Chelsea Handler is helping people get out of really bad dates.

The comedian showed just how much she struggles with technology in an entire episode dedicated to the topic as part of her new Netflix series Chelsea Does, which premiered on the streaming platform on Jan. 23.

While heading over to Silicon Valley to find out exactly what streaming is - and how to code, among other things - she decided this would be the perfect opportunity to pitch a new app that will help users get out of just about any situation.

Handler pitched her app idea to a group of investors from Foundation Capital. She was inspired to create it after going out on a date and feeling early on that she just wanted to get out of there. She can't be the only one wishing she could get out of a situation sooner rather than later, she argued. Let's face it, we've all been there before.

Putting a modern spin on the trick that involves having a friend call to help them go running for the door, Gotta Go! allows a user to set believable excuses, and have them go off in a series of text messages as if someone was really writing them in real time to get them out of any situation they don't want to be in.

Developed by Yeti, the app's creation was highlighted in the episode. It can now be downloaded for free in the App Store.

Gotta Go! comes with three different storylines already preloaded, or the option to write up an original story. The excuse will appear as a series of text messages, with the option to receive an incoming call instead that features a prerecorded message from Handler that gives instructions on how to act in order to get out successfully.

Handler says in the series that since these excuses will show up as texts, the user has physical proof that they gotta go. All the user has to do is act as though they're in shock as they read the messages, reveal what's going on, and get to running away.

Gotta Go! can be applied to just about any situation the user wants to get out of, from bad dates to a meeting or boring family outing. Excuses can range from helping a friend who is locked out of their apartment to having to get home to take care of the children — just about anything the user can think of.

Gotta Go! is available to download for free for iOS.

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