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Netflix Confirms Mobile-Only Streaming Tier In India — Will It Come To The US?

Netflix is ready to launch a cheaper mobile-only streaming plan in India after testing it in several countries. But is it coming stateside, as well?


Netflix June 2019: Here's Every Movie And TV Show Coming And Leaving

As is the case every month, Netflix is changing up its selection. For June 2019, here are the movies and TV shows that are coming and leaving.

Movies/TV Shows May 28, 2019

What Is Netflix Tax And Will It Come To My City?

Chicago was able to collect large sums from various online services thanks to the so-called Netflix Tax. More cities might start imposing this tax soon too.

Internet May 21, 2019

Netflix Is Coming To… E3? New Netflix Game Adaptations Might Be Announced

Netflix is attending E3 to talk more about its forthcoming ‘Stranger Things’ game. But perhaps it’s got more announcements up its sleeve than it’s letting on.

Video Games May 15, 2019

Netflix Rolls Out High-Quality Audio For All Streams: Here’s What That Means, Exactly

Netflix content looks great, some even stream in 4K and HDR. Do shows and films sound great, though? Apparently not, which is why sound engineers rushed to fix that.

Internet May 2, 2019

Can’t Decide What To Watch Next? Netflix Is Testing A Feature That Lets You Watch A 'Random Episode'

Can’t decide what to watch next? Just use shuffle. Apparently, Netflix is currently testing exactly that — something that lets you watch random episodes from different shows.

Apps/Software April 22, 2019

Netflix To Launch Weekly Top 10 Rankings For Movies, TV Shows

Netflix will test top 10 rankings for each category and genre. It’ll launch in the UK later this quarter but it’s not clear if other countries would get it, as well.

Apps/Software April 17, 2019

Watch Out, Netflix: YouTube Is Making Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Interactive Shows, Too

YouTube has created an entire division solely focused on interactive programming and live specials. The company is set to announce the first few projects soon.

Internet April 10, 2019

Netflix Is Dropping Apple AirPlay Support Due To 'Technical Limitations'

Netflix no longer natively supports Apple AirPlay because of 'technical limitations.' The company says it's because AirPlay is going to be compatible with third-party devices and prevent it from distinguishing them.

Apps/Software April 8, 2019

Netflix Price Hike Confirmed: Here’s How Much You’ll Be Paying Beginning May

Netflix’s basic, standard, and premium plans will be a little bit more pricey starting on May. The revenue will be used to fund more films and shows, says Netflix.

Apps/Software April 4, 2019

Netflix Testing Cheaper Mobile-Only Subscription Plan In Some Countries

Netflix experimental mobile-only plan in India costs half of a regular monthly subscription, a tier that might be tested in other countries moving forward. The streaming service is also testing plans at shorter increments.

Apps/Software March 23, 2019

Stranger Things Season 3: Official Trailer Is Out And Something Strange Is About To Happen, Of Course

Netflix has just released the latest trailer for third season of 'Stranger Things.' The nearly three-minute clip shows Eleven and the gang dealing with the threat of a new monster and a potentially corrupt town mayor.

Movies/TV Shows March 21, 2019

Netflix Will Not Make Its Movies And Shows Available To Apple's TV Service

The hype train behind Apple's upcoming video streaming platform is set to hit its climax when it is finally unveiled on March 25. However, one popular brand that will not be joining in on the fun is Netflix.

Apps/Software March 19, 2019

Apple Expected To Debut Streaming TV And Subscription News Services During March 25 Special Event

Apple is expected to release its long-rumored streaming service in a special event on March 25. In addition, the company may also launch a news subscription service in the same event.

Apple March 12, 2019

Netflix For iOS Is Finally Getting The Smart Downloads Feature

After being available on Android devices since summer last year, Netflix is now rolling out the Smart Downloads feature to iOS users. This feature manages videos downloaded for offline viewing.

Apps/Software February 8, 2019

How To Share Your Binge-Watching Sessions On Netflix As An Instagram Story

Netflix just made it easier to share on Instagram what show or movie a person is currently watching. Sharing a Netflix title as an Instagram Story is now just a few clicks away.

Apps/Software January 23, 2019

Sharing Netflix Account? AI Software Unveiled At CES 2019 Can Track You Down

Software company Synamedia said Credentials Sharing Insight can track fraudulent account sharing using artificial intelligence. What could happen to subscribers who share their Netflix and other streaming service account passwords to family and friends?

CES 2019 January 11, 2019

Louisiana Pushes For Netflix-Subscription Style In Buying Hepatitis C Drugs

Louisiana said it was adopting a Netflix-subscription model in order to pay for expensive hepatitis C medications. On Thursday, the state sent solicitation to find a drug manufacturer as partner.

Medicine January 11, 2019

You Can No Longer Pay For Netflix On iOS Using In-App Subscriptions

Netflix subscribers on iOS won’t be able to pay via in-app subscriptions anymore. The change only applies to new and returning customers, so those who haven’t missed a billing period are exempted.

Apple December 29, 2018

Netflix Apparently Testing A ‘Watch That Scene Again’ Feature

Netflix reportedly tested a feature that would make scrubbing films or TV shows for a specific scene much easier. The implementation might still be imperfect, though.

Internet December 13, 2018

Emma Stone Hated Playing An Elf On New Netflix Series

Emma Stone and Jonah Hill’s new dark comedy Netflix show has been the talk of the town. In an episode, Stone played an elf, which its director said was an experience that the actress did not like.

Movies/TV Shows September 25, 2018

Dumplin' Is Netflix's Newest Comedy: OST Features Some Of Dolly Parton's Most Iconic Songs

‘Dumplin'’ starring Jennifer Aniston is set for release late this year. It will have some of the most popular songs of music icon Dolly Parton alongside six new ones composed by the singer and Linda Perry.

Movies/TV Shows September 15, 2018

Facebook Watch Goes Global: Should YouTube And Netflix Worry?

Facebook Watch has now gone global, allowing it to better challenge rivals YouTube and Netflix. Does the social network's video platform have what it takes to dominate the video streaming space?

Apps/Software August 30, 2018

Seeing Ads On Netflix? Here’s How To Opt-Out

Netflix is currently showing ads for its shows and movies in-between episodes, causing a widespread uproar among its subscribers. Here’s how to turn them off completely.

Internet August 25, 2018

Netflix Wants To Avoid Paying Apple For iOS App Subscription Payments

Netflix is testing a new method for iOS app users to pay for their subscriptions. Instead of in-app purchases, users are being directed to the streaming service's mobile website, bypassing iTunes.

Apps/Software August 22, 2018

Netflix Gets Rid Of All User Reviews, As Promised

Netflix has finally removed all user reviews from its platform. Yes, there was once a time where your opinion mattered to Netflix, but clearly not anymore.

Internet August 20, 2018

It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Netflix Now Reportedly Testing Ads

The golden age of streaming might finally be coming to a halt. Netflix is now the latest service to experiment with in-show ads, disrupting users’ binge-watching sessions with commercials for its own shows.

Internet August 18, 2018

Paul Rudd To Play 2 Paul Rudds On Upcoming Netflix Comedy Series ‘Living With Yourself’

Paul Rudd has a new show coming to Netflix called ‘Living With Yourself.’ It appears to be about dissatisfied people being forced to live with another version of themselves as part of a new treatment program.

Movies/TV Shows August 11, 2018

Walmart Is Really Serious About Building A Video Streaming Service To Rival Netflix

Walmart is moving ahead with its plan to create a video streaming service. It has apparently hired the former CEO of cable company Epix to kickstart development.

Business Tech July 31, 2018

Stranger Things Season 3 Delayed To 2019, But Netflix Says It’ll Be Worth The Wait

It’s official: there will be no ‘Stranger Things’ this year, but the upcoming season will be bigger and better than the previous one, and it’s supposedly going to be worth the wait.

Movies/TV Shows July 29, 2018

Walmart Is Thinking About Starting A Video Streaming Service To Take On Netflix

You won’t believe which company is trying to become the next Netflix. Walmart — yes, the retail chain — is apparently considering a streaming service that’ll cost less than rival offerings.

Internet July 19, 2018

The ‘Smart Downloads’ Feature On Netflix Clears Up Storage For Your Next Binge-Watch

For those who are running out of storage, Netflix’s new Smart Downloads feature is a godsend. It automatically deletes finished episodes and downloads new ones, so the binge-watching doesn’t stop.

Internet July 19, 2018

Avatar: The Last Airbender Writer To Premiere New Show On Netflix: Here’s What It’s About

A writer and director for 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' and 'Futurama' will have a new animated series on Netflix soon. At this rate, the streaming service might be the next big hub for animated shows.

Movies/TV Shows July 11, 2018

Netflix Might Unveil An Expensive New ‘Ultra’ Plan: Here’s Why You Should Be Worried

Netflix might soon introduce a new plan called Ultra that’ll essentially be the same as its Premium tier but way pricier. In fact, it’s $6 more expensive.

Internet July 4, 2018

After Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Nanette,’ Comedy Might Never Be The Same Again

With Netflix’s intensely growing comedy special lineup, it’s hard to pick what to watch. If you’re unsure, make sure to check out ‘Nanette,’ which might change the way you see comedy forever.

Movies/TV Shows July 3, 2018

Canceled At Fox, Netflix Saves ‘Lucifer’ And Picks It Up For Season 4: See The Cast React

When Fox canceled ‘Lucifer’ in May, fans were furious and frustrated. Lucky for them, we live in an era where streaming networks are more than happy to save shows other networks throw away.

Movies/TV Shows June 16, 2018

Netflix Will Start Streaming Video Games, Too: ‘Minecraft’ And ‘Strangers Things’ In Development

Netflix wants to tackle video games next. It’s now working with Telltale Games to bring 'Minecraft: Story Mode' to its streaming platform and release a more traditional video game based on 'Stranger Things.'

Video Games June 14, 2018

House Of Cards Season 6 First Look: Frank Underwood Out, President Claire Underwood In

The sixth season of 'House of Cards' returns sometime before the end of 2018. With Frank Underwood out of the picture, Claire rightfully stakes her claim as President of the United States.

Movies/TV Shows June 12, 2018

The Simpsons Creator Matt Groening Has A New Show Called ‘Disenchantment’ On Netflix

Matt Groening has a new show set in the medieval times featuring an alcoholic princess and two sidekicks as they go on misadventures. It’s called ‘Disenchantment,’ and it’s coming to Netflix this August.

Movies/TV Shows May 24, 2018

Michelle, Barack Obama Set To Make Films, TV Series For Netflix

Though he’s not the president of the United States anymore, Barack Obama, along with Michelle, still seem pretty busy these days. The couple has now inked a deal with Netflix to produce various original content, including documentaries, series, and films.

Movies/TV Shows May 22, 2018

Guillermo Del Toro Is Making A Horror Anthology Series For Netflix

Netflix has ordered a horror anthology series to be helmed by Guillermo del Toro, famed for his iconic monsters and masterful command of the fantasy/horror genre. The show has yet to receive an episode count and premiere date.

Movies/TV Shows May 15, 2018

Netflix Unveils '13 Reasons Why' Season 2 Release Date And Trailer

Netflix has unveiled the release date and trailer for the second season of '13 Reasons Why.' The return of the controversial drama, which allegedly glorified teen suicide, will pick up a few months from the end of Season 1.

Movies/TV Shows May 1, 2018

Stranger Things Season 3 Begins Filming: What To Expect

Heads up, ‘Stranger Things’ fans: Season 3 has officially begun production. Expect to see new faces in town, plus more Erica Sinclair, and the development of Mike and Eleven’s relationship.

Movies/TV Shows April 29, 2018

Here Are The Best Movies To Watch On Netflix This May: 'Coco,' 'Hellboy II,' And More

Netflix just announced its list of titles that subscribers can watch out for in May. Included in the list are must-watch movies such as 'Coco,' 'Hellboy II,' and more.

Movies/TV Shows April 29, 2018

Netflix Documentary ‘Mercury 13’ Reveals All-Female Astronaut Team Shunned By NASA

The United States could have been the first to send a woman to space, new documentary ‘Mercury 13’ reveals. However, it canceled the program for uncertain reasons before it could be completed.

Movies/TV Shows April 22, 2018

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