Call of Duty: Black Ops III, like most of the games in the franchise before it, has been a huge success. While the series may not dominate sales charts quite like it used to, Call of Duty's slow move away from 'realistic' shooting to straight-up science fiction has been well-received. Gone are the days of the generic Ghosts, while the bionic arms and jump-jets of Black Ops and Advanced Warfare are here to stay.

Of course, it just wouldn't be a Call of Duty game without DLC. Black Ops III isn't looking to change Activision's formula, either: four map packs, all priced at $15, are scheduled for release throughout the year. Each pack contains four multiplayer maps and a single Zombies map, along with a few new weapons here and there.

As an added bonus, Black Ops III's first DLC pack, Awakening, has a little something extra for series vets. Among the four maps included in Awakening is a stage titled 'Skyjacked' - and yes, it's a remake of one of the franchise's most popular maps ever released:

To be fair, there's not exactly much in the way of info in the teaser...but for anyone who played on Black Ops II's 'Hijacked' map, the short video is more than enough to get excited about.

For those who never played Treyarch's second Black Ops title, 'Highjacked' was a multiplayer map set aboard a high-end luxury yacht. It quickly became one of the most iconic close-range Call of Duty maps ever: like 'Nuketown', the map's tight corridors and long sight lines made for tight, extremely chaotic games. In short, 'Highjacked' was about as well-designed a map as you could possibly get.

Thankfully, it doesn't look like Treyarch will be changing the map much for its next-gen debut. While 'Skyjacked' will likely be altered to work with Black Ops III's new mechanics, everything about the map looks like a faithful recreation of its inspiration - right down to the burning hole in the side of the hull!

The rest of Awakening's maps, on the other hand, are all new additions...but something tells us that most Call of Duty fans are going to be playing one map a bit more often than the rest.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III's first DLC pack, Awakening, is set to launch exclusivily for PlayStation 4 on Feb. 2, with the PC and Xbox One versions following shortly thereafter.

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